Manager, Movement Engagement-Lilly Grant

This role will enhance the ability of the organization to serve the needs of the Y network and affiliates.
Job Description

This is a 3-year grant funded position slated to end in January 2026.


The Network Experience team delivers and/or activates a system of services which are designed to support the Y network.

The Network Experience portfolio includes the mobilization of the service delivery system including alliances, service delivery partners and hubs, as well as the execution of CEO search and Thriving Y work, leadership and facilitation of our innovative priorities, oversight of safety & risk protocols, emergency response support, the implementation of certification and membership standards, strategic intervention, knowledge management and the continued advancement of equity related to health access, social determinants of health, academic achievement, food insecurities, boys and young men of color, community and civic engagement, mental health, housing, workforce development and core membership and program delivery.

The Manager, Movement Engagement will provide leadership to initiatives that advance community-based services within the network delivery system that engages local YMCAs and YMCA State Alliances. 


The Manager, Movement Engagement will provide leadership to initiatives that advance community-based services within the network delivery system that engages local YMCAs and YMCA State Alliances. 


Through the facilitation of a collective impact framework and shared systems process, this position will engage partners and collaborators, thought leaders, innovation teams, learning cohorts, and others to promote mutual understanding, cultivate shared responsibility, identify inclusive solutions, implement quality improvement strategies, and propose sustainable pathways in response to an identified critical issue (e.g., improved academic, physical, and social development of youth) or concern among local Ys and the communities where they operate. 


In addition, this position will serve as critical leader for grant management with funders and donors that fund core collaboration and innovation. The Manager will collaborate with other teams at Y- USA, local YMCA teams, and external partners to lead or support implementation of approaches that align with organizational priorities to advance access to and engagement of community-based services across the Y Movement.


   Bachelor’s degree is required. Master’s Degree in Business or Human Services, Community Engagement, Organizational Development, Organizational Behavior, Public Health, or Public Policy is preferred.


•    Minimum 3 years of experience working collaboratively and building partnerships with staff of local YMCAs or other community-based organizations (CEOs, COOs, VPs) to implement organizational priorities is strongly preferred.


•    Minimum 3 years of experience building strong relationships effectively among a wide variety of stakeholders (government officials, community-based organizations, employers, health care providers, school officials, members of faith- based institutions, other non-profits, and community members) to advance a common cause is strongly preferred.


 •    Minimum 2-3 years of experience working with or within Ys to reach and support community members, mental well-being, access, and equity is strongly preferred. 


•    At least two of the preferred work experiences and/or preferred education are required.


•    Experience supervising and leading staff is preferred.


•    Project management experience is preferred. 


•    Experience managing grants and balancing budgets is required.


•    Ability to travel approximately 40% of the time


•    Demonstrated ability to multi-task and manage complex systems with superior technical and project management skills is required.


•    Must possess excellent analytical, problem-solving skills, and be able to comply with


all administrative processes.


•    Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication and presentation skills are required.


•    Demonstrated experience in engaging multiple stakeholders, facilitating, coaching, mentoring is required.


•    Excellent time management skills, initiative, and the ability to take direction.


•    Demonstrated ability to influence others to achieve objectives is required.


•    Requires a commitment to the YMCA character development values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility

Essential Functions

Manage execution of approaches to support organizational priorities:


•    Efforts to advance equity and access (e.g. health access, social determinants of health, education, food security, housing, family strengthening, boys and young men of color, environmental health, community and civic engagement, mental health, youth engagement, and workforce development);


•    Equipping the network through capacity-building, planning and execution, and activation.


•    Additional priorities as assigned.


•    Manage execution of a YMCA network facilitation process focused on advancing organizational priorities, by:


•    Leveraging and engaging the YMCA network to: (a) increase adoption and usage of Y-USA developed products/solutions; (b) identify bright spots; (c) provide programmatic support to local Ys and partners.


•    Informing and refining strategy for network facilitation;


•    Managing implementation of projects that support identified priorities and strategies through network facilitation;


•    Managing utilization of existing systems to ensure seamless support across the Y network


•    Convening diverse and cross functional teams to inform and support the development of programs, practices, and approaches that enhance delivery of community-based services.


•    Project Manage assigned components of grant projects to completion; includes contributing to written program and financial content for monthly budget and deliverable progress reports, interim and final reports, and future grant monthly proposals, when applicable.


•    Develop new tools, methods, processes, and catalogue leading practices that enable integration of learnings into YMCA support systems and the YMCA network.


•    Contribute to strategy development for organizational priorities in collaboration with Director and Senior Director.


•    Support implementation of processes for impact assessment and continuous quality improvement.


•    Manage assigned aspects of collaboration with other Y-USA departments to advance the implementation and dissemination efforts to ensure Ys, service delivery partners, and other key stakeholders have the resources they need to effectively engage stakeholders, drive impact, and foster innovation.


•    Manage assigned relationships with partners, including governmental and private non- profit or for-profit organizations, local YMCAs, academic institutions, foundations, and other individuals or organizations that are supportive of Y-USA’s mission, goals, and objectives.


•    Deliver specialized consulting support to Y-USA staff, local YMCAs, and other stakeholders and provide thought leadership for the organizational priorities listed above.


•    Perform other duties as assigned.