Youth Development Coordinator – Superhero Coach

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Job Description

Reporting to the Director of Arts and Camping Services, the Youth Development Coordinator (Superhero Coach) helps to oversee, develop and lead the Superhero Academy that the YMCA of Greater Nashua runs within the Nashua School District’s Elementary Schools. Superheroes need to be healthy, show strong character and have a desire to give back to their community and Superhero Academy prepares students in our community to do just that. The Superhero Coach ensures a safe, positive and inclusive atmosphere that helps develop the next generation of superheroes. The Superhero Coach interacts with a variety of stakeholders (Principals, Teachers, Students, etc.) and represents the YMCA in a positive light in all interactions. The Youth Development Coordinator is the face of the YMCA’s social-emotional work in the community and interacts with hundreds of students and dozens of teachers in a diverse and vibrant community on a daily basis, which requires exceptional interpersonal skills.


·         BA in related field or equivalent experience

·         Experience working with youth/teens in programs and services that promote social-emotional learning

·         Experience in program development

·         Excellent customer service skills and an ability to connect with youth and teens

·         Ability to interact and collaborate with a diverse population

·         Ability to adapt and thrive in a fast paced, flexible environment

·         Ability to plan, organize and implement high quality, developmentally appropriate programming.

·         Strong professional written and verbal communication skills

·         Fluency in a second language desired.

Essential Functions

·         Be a Superhero! Through words and actions, help model the four core values of the YMCA and help to instill them, along with a sense of achievement, in the superheroes you train.

·         Help to create and manage the Superhero Academy in the Nashua School District through direct programming in each classroom as assigned.

·         Be an innovator! Help further develop curriculum for Superhero Training Academy and Superhero Leadership Academy along with other related activities in the school. Ensure that curriculum is fun, engaging and helps to further develop students’ self-esteem, growth mindset, and grit. The more fun you have, the more fun they will have!

·         Working with your sidekick, the other Superhero Coach, work on a rotating basis in each Elementary School in the district to bring programs to every student. Through your work, you will have an impact on thousands of students each year!

·         Help to integrate the Superhero Academy into the school culture by nurturing strong relationships and ensuring positive communication with school leadership, faculty and staff. Be seen as a resource to the school, not a distraction.

·         Help to manage all Superhero supplies and ensure that you and the superhero trainees have what they need for a successful program.

·         Ongoing communication and an open ear with Professor T (Director of the Arts and Camping Services.

·         Help to develop and measure assessment tools to ensure that our work with Superhero trainees is effective and adapting to ongoing needs. Work with potential partners to help with this work.

·         Share stories of impact and superhero success with YMCA, School and District leadership

·         Compile statistics as needed to ensure continued funding for the program

·         Help develop opportunities to serve Superheroes on vacation days as needed.

·         In the summer, become your alter ego and serve at summer camp or other YMCA programs.

·         Perform other duties as the Superhero Universe calls for.

Cause-Driven Leadership Competencies

Innovation: Explores new ideas, remaining open to new ways of thinking and approaching problems.

Collaboration: Creates sustainable relationships within the Y and with other organizations in service to the community

Inclusion: Values all people for their unique talents and takes an active role in promoting practice that support diversity, inclusion, and global work, as well as cultural competence.

Program/Project Management: Ensures program or project goals are met and intended impact occurs.

Developing Self and Others: Develops self and supports others, both formally and informally, to achieve their highest potential

Emotional Maturity: Anticipates challenges that can sidetrack or derail growth and personal learning