Membership Director

At GSCY, we focus on empowering young people, improving health and well-being, and inspiring action in and across communities.
Job Description

Directs all aspects of membership for the branch including recruitment of new members, retention of existing members and leadership and development of assigned staff. Develops, plans and implements new procedures and methods to achieve strategic goals.  

  • Bachelor's degree in related field preferred or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Previous supervisory experience in customer service preferred.
  • Excellent personal computer skills and experience with standard business software.
  • Ability to relate effectively to diverse groups of people from all social and economic segments 
     of the community.
  • Innovative problem-solver who has the ability to work collaboratively with directors to achieve strategic goals.
Essential Functions
  • Implements membership strategies that support recruitment of new members and retention of existing members.   Creates a member-first culture and models relationship-building skills.   Fosters a climate of trust and respect that resolves problems to ensure member satisfaction.  Analyzes processes, staff training, and member culture to evaluate and plan for growth.
  • Recruits, hires, trains, develops, schedules and directs staff and volunteers as needed.  Reviews and evaluates staff performance. Develops strategies to motivate staff and achieve goals. Prioritizes a “Say My Name” atmosphere that encourages friendliness and relationship building. 
  • Promote program and membership enrollment through innovative means to increase participation, brand recognition, and confidence in the YMCA’s services with existing and potential members. Coordinates program registration, including logistics to support phone, walk-in and web registration. Coordinates with marketing efforts to maximize enrollments and provides ongoing support to Program Directors on related issues. 
  • Collaborates with program directors to ensure members are offered high-quality and innovative member-focused programs through innovative program development, evaluations, and ongoing training of staff.
  • Develop the annual budget; manage and implement the approved budget for membership and takes appropriate action to correct monthly variances. Evaluates membership trends, reports and is able to analyze data.
  • Ensures proper implementation of welcome desk procedures. Reviews and updates desk procedures and communicates changes to staff.  Coordinates with the finance office as necessary on monetary transactions.
  • Organizes membership events at the YMCA and represents the YMCA at community events to promote the YMCA.
  • Leads assigned aspects of the annual campaign.
  • Participates/leads in staff meetings and/or related meetings.
  • Manage daily deposits, review daily cash reconciliation, follow up on collections of returned drafts/returned checks and audit petty cash.
  • Staff Liaison for the Financial Assistance Committee.  Oversee the intake of applications, committee meetings, as well as administrative tracking of application approval and denials. 
Cause-Driven Leadership Competencies
  • Commitment to Mission and YMCA values:
    • Models and teaches YMCA values to others
    • Cultivates trust in others through direct and honest interactions
    • Keeps confidences, honors commitments, is trustworthy, and is appropriately trustworthy of others
    • Interacts in a candid and straightforward manner
  • Commitment to Inclusion:
    • Actively leads YMCA inclusion/diversity activities, and initiatives
    • Willingly addresses issues and corrects behavior and practices that don’t support inclusion
    • Encourages everyone to work well with each other, regardless of dimensions of diversity (i.e. gender and race)
    • Actively looks for and incorporates different point of view when making decisions
  • Member, Community and Movement Driven:
    • Educates others about their responsibilities to members and the community
    • Eliminates system/bureaucratic barriers so staff can provide exceptional member service
    • Captures and analyses member and community data to guide improvements
    • Ensures a level of service, satisfaction and loyalty from members that differentiate the YMCA from other service providers
    • Publicly recognizes people for outstanding member and community service
    • Assists others in recognizing impact of services on community
  • Influence savvy:
    • Plans for and adapts influence strategies to best fit the audience
    • Exercises the discipline of listening empathetically and asking questions for information and understanding when negotiating and dealing with conflict
    • Articulates positions well in oral and written form
    • Analyzes situations and selects/utilizes the most appropriate supervisory style
  • Relationship building:
    • Creates strong morale, spirit and sense of belonging to the YMCA
    • Builds effective teams by fostering common visions and plans
    • Engages team members by utilizing developmental strategies of group dynamics
    • Facilitates effective meetings
    • Manages conflict constructively while respecting that purposeful conflict is an essential element of effective team building
    • Cooperates with others knowing when to follow and when to lead
  • Commitment to development:
    • Ensures appropriate fit when recruiting and hiring
    • Continually assesses the skills and abilities of others to identify developmental opportunities
    • Coaches others in creating and implementing their development plans Displays willingness to delegate responsibility and coach others to develop their full capabilities
    • Is capable of delivering positive and constructive feedback to motivate, encourage and support others in their development
    • Provides staff with the time, tools and resources necessary to meet or exceed job requirements
  • Commitment to quality results:
    • Holds staff accountable for high-quality, timely and cost-effective results. Defines clear goals, objectives and measurements for staff members
    • Implements a process to measure progress against strategic goals and ensure continuous improvement
    • Continually meets and exceeds staff and member expectations