Associate Youth & Family Director

To put Christian principles into practice through programs that improve a healthy spirit, mind and body for all.
Job Description

Under the direction of the District Youth & Family Director and with close guidance from the Executive Director of Camp and Families (Youth Development) and from the Vice President of Social Responsibility &Community Impact, the Associate District Youth & Family Director will be responsible for administering all facets of our identified core youth and teen initiatives, day camp, family programming, special events and the development of other community-based programs. The staff person will be accountable for the implementation and administration of the program initiatives, successful program implementation, recruitment of participants and volunteers, and responsible financial operation in accordance with District and Association goals, objectives and policies throughout a specified District (typically including 3 geographically close Ys). Specific program areas include core Youth Empowerment initiatives, weekend programs, Family Nights, special events, Day Camp, and development of new and innovative community-based programs. The District Youth and Family Director must understand their role in helping build relationships and a small community atmosphere among our members.


This position requires a BA/BS degree in child development, recreation, elementary education or related field, or its equivalent in related experience, and must have experience in YMCA or similar agency. Applicant must have basic programming skills with special emphasis on youth and family activities and volunteer recruitment. The ability to relate to all age groups is essential. Experience with volunteers, fiscal management, and program development is also important. The need exists to be current with community trends.

Due to the diversity of responsibility, a high degree of organizational ability is needed. Strong skills are necessary in supervision, management, income production, expense control, public relations, promotion, communication skills, and record-keeping.

Essential Functions

*Designated as a First Responder in the event of an emergency.

  • Assists with the development, administration and control of designated budgets, including meeting income targets and expense control, in consultation Youth Development Executive Director.
  • Selects, trains and supervises paid and volunteer department staff, as needed.
  • Interprets Association goals, objectives and policies to the community and constituency.
  • Evaluates programs and recommends changes based on compatibility with the District and Association goals. Is responsible for the development and implementation of new program thrusts.
  • Serves as manager on duty in a week night and monthly weekend rotation for the Ys served in that District.
  • Maintain program initiative records and documentation, and prepare reports as needed (e.g. grant outcome reports).
  • Assists the international aspect of the Association including World Service education and fundraising.
  • Evaluates performance, at least on an annual basis, of department personnel.
  • Supervises and is accountable for care and up keep of program equipment and facilities, including applicable off-site program locations.
  • Shares responsibility for providing income through membership fees and special subsidies.
  • Assists in the annual campaign.
  • Directs and organizes department program activities compatible with District & Association goals.
  • Provides direct leadership to specific programs as agreed upon with their supervisor.
  • Involved with other community groups in identifying and responding to community needs and issues.
  • Assists with any other projects or activities as may be assigned