Camp Property Manager

Nestled on the edge of Kings Canyon National Park, YMCA Camp Sequoia lake is seeking a Property Manager to oversee all 5 camp villages.  
Camp Description
Nestled on the edge of Kings Canyon National Park, YMCA Camp Sequoia lake is seeking a Property Manager to oversee all 5 camp villages.
Job Description

Oversees and directs the development, maintenance, repair, and operational improvements of YMCA Camp Sequoia Lake’s facilities and vehicles. Responsible for management of full-time and part-time facilities staff serving the oversight, maintenance, and operations of all buildings and grounds.

General Function

Under the guidance of the CEO the Property Manager will ensure all critical maintenance and operational needs for this facility are met.

  • Maintain a safe and pleasing environment for operation of the programs offered by YMCA Camp Sequoia Lake.
  • Maintain positive relationships with all customers and communicate effectively to diverse groups of individuals (i.e., Participants, staff, vendors, contractors, etc.).
  • Carry out facility maintenance and repair tasks efficiently daily.
  • Work with outside agencies to ensure the forest management plan is maintained.
  • Help maintain security on camp properties through direct daily observation.
  • Ability to lift at least 50 pounds.
  • Ability to read, write and assist in the organization and collection of maintenance records and data using computer technology.
  • Eight or more years’ experience in facility management or closely related field.
  • Working knowledge of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, carpentry, and other maintenance-related areas.
  • Skills in supervision, project management and negotiating contracts.
  • Ability and current license to drive with record that meets YMCA standards
  • Communicates effectively and professionally with all departments, staff and outside vendors.
  • Ability to respond to safety and emergency situations.
  • Ability to work independently as well as within teams.
  • Excellent organization skills with attention to detail.
  • Excellent decision-making skills, time management skills, ability to take initiative, and be flexible.
Essential Functions

1.   Water System: Opening and closing of seasonal transient water system. / Keeping records of how much water is pumped from the well. / Performing monthly bacterial tests in conjunction with BSK Labs. / Monitoring wastewater treatment.

2.   Kitchen Operation: Ensuring kitchens are operational following the winter shut down. / Performing / Organizing maintenance and repair of equipment. / Coordinating inspections.

3.   Safety and system inspection’s: Regularly checking all buildings for damage and recording inspections. / Handling small repairs to or problems with camp facilities, buildings, and systems as they arise during the camp season. / Ensuring all necessary signage is in place to remain compliant with local and state ordinances. / Monitoring the propane and gas levels and coordinating with venders to ensure we do not run out.

4.   Equipment: Ensuring that all vehicles and machines are maintained / Proper care for tools and maintaining an organized work environment

5.   Grounds: / Coordinate with outside agencies to continue fire mitigation and forest management strategies. / Ensure compliancy with all public enteritis such as the division of water and dam / Hazardous waste permitting