Child Development Director

We are looking for a Cause-Driven leader who is passionate about promoting Diversity/Inclusion and addressing health/economic disparities.
Job Description


The Ann Arbor YMCA Child Development Center is hiring a full-time exempt Child Development Center Director. We believe the values and skills learned early on are vital building blocks for quality of life and future success. That's why our child care programs are staffed with people who understand the cognitive, physical and social development of kids, the need children have to feel connected and supported in trying new things and the caring and reinforcement parents and families need to help each other. 


Responsible for program development, delivery, administration, and evaluation of all childcare programs at the 400 W Washington CDC.  This position will ensure the development and facilitation of a well-balanced portfolio of specific planned learning experiences that support the social, emotional, physical, cognitive and linguistic development of all children. 

Classrooms & Center hours include: 

3 ECE ages 2/12-5yrs, 1 SACC classroom; 5 -10 years; 

7:30 am-6pm  M-F; 

Some evenings and weekends may be required when Child Watch classroom is opened.


We are welcoming: we are open to all. We are an association made up of people from every walk of life, working side by side to strengthen communities. Together we strive to ensure that everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, gender identity, gender expression, income, faith, sexual orientation or cultural background has the opportunity to live life to its fullest

COVID-19 considerations: The Ann Arbor YMCA will abide by, to the best of our ability, guidelines and restrictions provided by the CDC to ensure that members and staff are as safe as possible while they are at any YMCA facility or in an Y program.


Bachelor’s degree or higher in early childhood education, child development or child-related field

Associate’s degree in early childhood education or child development including 18 semester hours of coursework in Early Childhood Education or Child Development and 480 hours of documented experience

Have at least 2 semester hours of 3.0 CEUs in child care administration or have an administrative credential approved by LARA

Demonstrated administrative experience in staff recruitment and training, supervision, program development, communication skills, fiscal management, budget development and knowledge of federal, state and local licensing regulations.

CPR, First Aid and chauffeur’s license preferred.

Physical examination, including a TB test required within 30 days of beginning work.

Successful completion of DHS criteria.

Commitment to the YMCA mission and Character Development program.


Ability to work in excess of a 40-hour week with irregular work hours.

Ability to walk, stand, and sit (including on the floor) for long periods of time.

Must be able to lift and/or assist in lifting children up to 50 pounds in weight.

Must be able to lift and carry food and supplies weighing up to 20 pounds.

Essential Functions

Fiscal Management/Administrative Work:

  1. With direction from their supervisor, develop, manage and supervise the child care budget. 
  2. Responsible for billing and tuition collections. 
  3. Work with the Financial Assistance Coordinator to evaluate all applications for assistance for childcare program financial assistance, working within allocation allowance. 
  4. Monitor all financial record keeping, billing procedures and collections in collaboration with the Business Office, including the management of third-party reimbursement process including but not limited to CCN, DHS. 
  5. Work within available financial resources.
  6. Ensure the local, state, and federal guidelines are followed for child development programs, including food safety, emergency procedures, and health care, as well as NAEYC standards. Maintain record keeping for children and staff files according to YMCA, State Licensing, DHS, NAEYC and other accrediting/licensing agencies.
  7. Directly manage the enrollment, waitlist, and registration for the CDC site. Maintain monthly records and statistics necessary to record trends and recommend program changes.
  8. Participate in the Ann Arbor YMCA annual fundraising campaign; participate in other community events and fundraising as required. 


  1. Oversee all responsibilities related to recruiting, hiring, orienting, training, scheduling, supervising, regularly evaluating and any involuntary terminations of all childcare staff at their site.
  2. Create staffing plan to meet ratio requirements. Assign schedules and work responsibilities.
  3. Ensure staff training required to meet DHS licensing requirements (First Aid, CPR). 
  4. Fill staff vacancies following established YMCA hiring and screening policies and comply with state and local law, including processing of DHS background. Ensure completion of all hiring paperwork and onboarding as mandated by the Ann Arbor YMCA.
  5. Conduct monthly staff meetings and weekly staff newsletters. 
  6. Coordinate payroll process for staff members and ensure accuracy in payroll timekeeping, policies and procedures.
  7. Maintain all employee licensing files and assure they are completed. 
  8. Provide needed feedback to staff regarding performance.
  9. Ensure the fair and equal treatment of others.
  10. Develop plans and strategies to ensure that staff and volunteers reflect the demographics of the community being served

Program Management:

  1. Manage the day-to-day operation of the Child Development Center’s program.
  2. Maintain all enrollment, billing, and policy and procedure information for all programs. 
  3. Maintain monthly records and statistics necessary to record trends and recommend program changes. Monitor compliance with DHS licensing and NAEYC accreditation.
  4. Acquire and/or maintain NAEYC accreditation. Coordinate, supervise and maintain developmentally appropriate programs for children at their site (see CDC locations) aged 6 weeks to 10 years. This includes, but is not limited to, the following programs: Early Childhood Program, Pre-Kindergarten Program, and After School Activities Program, including Developmental Assets and program development and evaluations. Implement nutrition and physical activity as recommended by Y USA. 
  5. Keep the safety of children as the priority; know how to recognize suspected Child Abuse and Neglect and reporting procedures, as required by the State of Michigan and the Ann Arbor YMCA.
  6. Coordinate maintenance/housekeeping work with Regional Director of Facilities. Monitor and order needed equipment. Responsible for playground equipment as required by state licensing.
  7. Working with Marketing Director regarding marketing materials, digital communications and related releases as required for childcare. 
  8. Maintain records as required by the YMCA, State Licensing, DHS, NAEYC and other accrediting/licensing agencies.
  9. Management of program supplies including purchasing, inventorying and distribution.
  10. Serves as chief liaison with collaborative personnel at sites and work to maintain positive and collaborative relationships with partner administrators, and staff members. 

Program Delivery:

  1. Implement programs consistent with Creative Curriculum.
  2. Create and maintain a staff and program culture that promotes the YMCA’s mission, vision and core values.
  3. Formulate, develop and coordinate a high-quality program to support core program goals in accordance with the Association’s strategic plan.
  4. Responsible for the planning, conducting and supervising a creative and stimulating program that is developmentally and age appropriate.
  5. Provides direction, guidance and expectations for planning of daily, weekly and monthly activities.
  6. Plans regularly scheduled special events and educational opportunities for families of participants (i.e., Open Houses, Meet the Teacher nights, International Potlucks, Park and Playground Dates, workshops appropriate for demographics of community) 
  7. Provide for the health and safety of children and staff. Develop and train staff in emergency procedures. 
  8. Develop discipline procedures and implement them as needed.
  9. Responsible for care and maintenance of site, including daily cleanup of activities and as well as scheduled site maintenance.
  10. Attend parent or parent/child events related to program.
  11. Perform classroom teaching duties due to the absence of a regular teacher, ratio needs or budget constraints.
  12. Demonstrate cultural competencies and respect for all people’s backgrounds by incorporating cultural, linguistic and familial values and beliefs into the program and lesson plans.
  13. Model positive adult-to-child and adult-to-adult interactions and foster an atmosphere of respect for children and adults. Develop discipline procedures and implement them as needed.


  1. Communicate regularly with parents regarding their children. 
  2. Meet weekly with FT staff (lead teachers, site coordinators, etc.), maintain close/ongoing communication, keeping them informed of any important information. 
  3. Responsible for all aspects of customer service as it relates to the CDC site, including communication with the Ann Arbor YMCA Welcome Center and addressing all inquiries and complaints in a timely and thorough manner.
  4. Meet with supervisor, as needed, providing updates on program. Keep supervisor informed of any important information and provide regular site status updates.
  5. Use abilities such as attention to details, multitasking and strong oral, auditory and written communication skills to interact with adults and children daily.
  6. Demonstrate poise and professionalism with staff, parents, participants and others.
  7. Must work closely with other departments to ensure good communication, cooperation and ensure good customer service throughout the association.
  8. Represent the YMCA in the community and youth development spaces as well as in collaborations and coalitions.

General Functions:

  1. Support the mission, vision and goals of the Ann Arbor YMCA; promote character development and the values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. 
  2. Promote the value of diversity and the importance of being an inclusive organization to others inside and outside of the organizatio
  3. Primary responsibility to develop and lead Parent Advisory Council for Center 
  4. Shared responsibility for member service and membership retention. 
  5. Act as member of management team; help in general building supervision 
  6. Participate in the Ann Arbor YMCA annual fundraising campaign; participate in other community events and fundraiser as required. 
  7. Staff are expected to take advantage of opportunities for self-development and growth. Attend trainings and conferences as assigned. 
  8. Act as a role model, representing the YMCA 
  9. Represent the Y and Y programs at community events and fairs as needed 
  10. Special projects as assigned. This is not intended to be all-inclusive. It is understood that the employee will also perform other reasonably related business duties if requested by the supervisor.
Cause-Driven Leadership Competencies


Mission Advancement: Models and teaches the Y’s values. Ensures a high level of service with a commitment to improving lives. Ensures a high level of service with a commitment to improving lives. Provides volunteers with orientation, training, development and recognition. Cultivates relationships to support fundraising.

Collaboration: Champions inclusion activities, strategies, and initiatives. Build relationships to create small communities. Empathetically listens and communicates for understanding when negotiating and dealing with conflict. Effectively tailors communications to the appropriate audience. Proves staff with feedback, coaching, guidance and support.

Operational Effectiveness: Provides others with frameworks for making decisions. Conducts prototypes to support the launching of programs and activities Develops plans and manages best practices through engagement of team. Effectively creates and manages budgets. Holds staff accountable for high-quality results using a formal process to measure progress.

Personal Growth: Shares new insights. Facilitates change; model adaptability and an awareness of the impact of change. Utilizes non-threatening methods to address sensitive issues and inappropriate behavior or performance.  Has the functional and technical knowledge and skills required to perform well; uses best practices and demonstrates up-to-date knowledge and skills in technology. 

Required Certifications

CPR, First Aid and chauffeur’s license preferred.

Physical examination, including a TB test required within 30 days of beginning work.

Successful completion of DHS criteria.

YMCA Team Leader Certification preferred; ability to obtain within 1-2 years of hire is required.