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Gymnastics - Level 2

Youth Gymnastics Lessons

En el YMCA, ofrecemos una multitud de diferentes clases de gimnasia y clases de gimnasia combinación diseñados para enseñar a los niños los fundamentos de varios deportes diferentes.


6 - 17


En o antes de 12/21/2019


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Our Level 2 program is our intermediate level classes for children ages 6 years old and up.  Level 2 requires instructor approval and each child must be able to demonstrate certain skills in order to be approved for this class. This 55 minute long class will consist of a 15 minute warm-up and stretch, two 15 minute rotations, and one 10 minute rotation on different gymnastics equipment including tumble trak, bars, beam, vault, and floor. In Level 2, the instructor will focus on teaching back walkovers, front limbers, handstand rolls, cartwheels and handstands on the low beam, dismounts off the high beam and vault, and intermediate skills on the bars. Each class will emphasize learning proper techniques and increasing strength and flexibility.