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Youth - Pre-Ballet/Tap

Ellos clases de baile de la YMCA para niños en edad preescolar son una transición maravillosa entre las clases que incluyen la participación de los padres y nuestro programa juvenil de baile en toda regla.


3 - 4


En o antes de 11/26/2019


Más Información

Your child will learn basic ballet dance positions: plie, releve, saute and posture or carriage. Tap students will work on timing with the beat of the music, as well as basic shuffle, flaps, shuffle hop, flap hop and a few turns.

Students will need ballet slippers and tap shoes. For the first class, it's OK to wear socks for ballet and hard-sole or tennis shoes for tap. It's OK to bring a closed container of water for a quick sip while transtioning from ballet to tap and after class.

Uniform for girls:

  • Ballet slippers and tap shoes (write name on inside of shoe).
  • Leotard and tights.
  • Optional: Simple dance skirt. For the first class, stretchy pants and T-shirt are fine.
  • If your child's hair is long, please pull it back.

Uniform for boys:

  • Ballet slippers and tap shoes (write name on inside of shoe).
  • Gym/stretchy pants or shorts and T-shirt.

Information: 619-298-3576