You Tube Videos Camp

Day Camp - Week 6

Our phenomenal specialty day camps combine the traditional fun of YMCA day camps with the more specialized skills and learning of our outside specialty camp providers or YMCA experts.

Each specialty day camp has a wide range of subjects to campers to enjoy — from sports-related day camps concentrating on skills and techniques, to creative camps like ceramics that focus on expanding artistic skills and confidence.


7 - 12


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Learn the basics of video making, editing and posting to video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo at our YouTube Video Camp! Through the course of this week-long camp, campers will learn how to shoot lots of different types of videos, ranging from sports videos to video tutorials to short skits and many things in between. We will also be looking at the different aspects that go on behind the scenes of a successful video project, such as story boarding, scene blocking and prop design. Campers will learn to develop skits, break projects down step-by-step in online tutorials and explore universal principles of performance such as volume control and aspects of movement. This camp is a great self-esteem booster, teaches your child the skills associated with performing or presenting in front of people and is a whole lot of fun!

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