Free Test Practice for College-Bound Teens

Tierney Kraft, The College Board
Free Test Practice for College-Bound Teens

Free Test Practice for College-Bound Teens

College counselors advise teens to make the most of summer break by developing good habits that keep them on track for success. One way to do this is to prepare early and often for the SAT.

Teen focusing on taking a test in a classroom

The YMCA is one of many youth-serving organizations that supports teens on this journey toward college admission. Part of that journey includes a commitment to academics and an earned confidence when it comes to test-taking.

The key to confidence, of course, is practice. That’s why more college-bound teens are tapping into free resources like the Official SAT® Practice to ensure they walk into their SATs feeling confident. 

Youth development professionals have a great opportunity to help guide college-bound teens in the direction of SAT success. Start by passing on these tips to students:

  1. Sign up now.
    Head to and set up a free account. If students took the PSAT/NMSQT® or PSAT™ 10 or if they already took the new SAT, they will have a personalized plan waiting for them based on their test results.
  2. Access practice tests and support.
    Once students have a personalized plan, they can access thousands of interactive questions with instant feedback. They can study key concepts in step-by-step video lessons and take full-length practice tests to check their progress. They can even use an app to answer a daily question and earn badges that track their progress.
  3. Set up a schedule.
    As with any effective tool, the sooner students start using it, the sooner they’ll start seeing results. Students can set up a practice schedule based on when they plan to test. If their friends are getting ready for the SAT too, they can start a study group. We recommend students start using the tool at least two months before they take the SAT and practice twice a week for an hour each time. See upcoming test dates here.

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