YMCA Youth & Family Services has partnered with Suzie's Farm to put on a cooking class focused on fresh, affordable, and accessible produce. Y Cook Coordinator, MaryAnn Graham, will be leading the class and entertaining as she does. I sat down with MaryAnn to get a taste of what the class will be like. You're in for a treat!

Tell me about yourself:
I am a Leo. My bank balance will be $80 after I pay rent today. I have the coolest job in the universe. I cook, I teach, I laugh and I get paid for it.

How did you get involved in YFS?
I started working for YFS about a year ago. I was familiar with their programming through utilization of their low-cost counseling services. I saw this as an opportunity to give back to an organization that helped me in my time of need.

How did you get involved with Suzie's Farm?
While working for a vegan restaurant, I was introduced to their great business practices and quality of products. I'm excited to partner with them to extend fresh and local produce to our neighboring community.

What do you hope to see in the CSA Box?
World peace.

What would you make with it?
Mac & Cheese.

What don't you want to see in the CSA Box?
Zombie Michael Jackson. Shout out to the King of Pop! R.I.P. my angel.

How do you come up with your recipes?
I use my own personal experiences to write my material. All good or bad experiences can be funneled into the creative process. I'm also insane.

What's the most challenging thing about your job?
Finding funding and keeping my Jimmy Choos clean.

And the most rewarding?
The food fights, the fame, the gold chains.