The nerve. The conceit. How have we come to this, to worshiping heroes
who aren’t the least bit heroic (in this case someone who basically has
accomplished nothing other than appearing extremely skilled while
playing basketball)?

Read Enough! by Nick Canepa - San Diego Union-Tribune

My son Michael called from NYC over the weekend and asked the "Where do you think LeBron is going?" question. As long as I have been around basketball you can imagine that Michael is not the only one asking.

When you consider LeBron James is as old as my youngest son Mario and on December 30 will reach the ripe old age of twenty-six, I think I replied with something that sounded like "this is going to be a pretty big decision for the young man."

How many times have we seen big time free agents take the money and run?

How many times have we seen the balance of power in sports disrupted under the guise of "I want to win a championship ring?"

How many times have we seen a Hall of Fame athlete spend their entire career in one location - especially when they could have received more money somewhere else?

Last night, I sat across the table from Marshall Faulk during a planning session with the Third Annual Aztec for Life event scheduled for October 15. Our Y scholarship program will benefit from this Marshall Faulk Foundation signature event along with the SDSU Aztec Athletic Foundation and many more. Next year, Marshall Faulk will be eligible for induction into the NFL Hall of Fame for what he did and still does on and off the field.

There is no doubt LeBron James has a spot waiting for him in the NBA Hall of Fame. It is absolutely amazing how he has performed with grace in this age of sensationalism. From a media perspective, when I coached in the NBA (1978-1980) we did not have a cable box with 1,000 stations that need to fill air time. As LeBron grows in years, (26, 27, etc.) I am sure his social responsibility accomplishments beyond the game of basketball will continue to grow. As quiet as it's been kept, all the proceeds from the announcement special tonight on ESPN will benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

At twenty-five years old, I think LeBron understands what Jackie Robinson meant when he said "A life is not important except in the impact it has
on other lives."

Look for him to be an impact player in the biggest game of all - the game of life.

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