Everywhere I go I cross paths with so many that are sure to let me know about their connection to the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA. I have asked them to take a moment to tell their Y story. Here's what Janice Robinson had to say:

My “Y” Story

Growing up in the Oakland bay area, the only YMCA was located in the downtown area, which was not convenient for me to attend. I knew of the activities the “Y” had for youth but I was able to find other activities through my church.

Relocating to San Diego, the YMCA crossed my path once again via my late husband and 34 year Jackie Robinson board member, Raymond T. Robinson. He was very active with the “Y” and it’s aquatic program. In supporting him, I also became active with the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA and became involved in their programs.

I first began by becoming a member of the “Y’s Men organization, a service club in partnership with the YMCA, and became very active with the youth that used the “Y’s” facility. When I became District Governor of Toastmasters International, I went to several YMCA’s in San Diego County and held public speaking workshops. By performing these workshops, I assisted the metropolitan YMCA to hold their first public speaking contest for youths which is now known as the Pride Program Public Speaking Contest.

This contest showed me one can be of great service to the “Y” and youth in so many ways. It is not only your time or treasures, but your talents and skills which makes a difference in the lives of children attending the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA or any YMCA.

Now I continue to support the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA by serving on the Board of Managers, and President of the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA “Y Service Club (formerly “Y’s Men Club)”.

This is my “Y” story and I am pleased to share it with you.

Janice Marie Robinson

Now what's interesting about Janice's story is how many others go out of their way to let me know how important the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA is in her life. Last week, Joyce Kercheval and Ardelle Matthews let me know they know everything about us through Janice constantly talking about the Y everywhere she goes. In reality, it's angels like Janice that give us something to talk about!

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