What does Memorial Day mean to you?

If you study the History of Memorial Day it won't take long to understand this national holiday isn't all about going to the beach, picnics, and the Indianapolis 500. From a YMCA perspective, the Armed Services YMCA's long history dates back to the Civil War when Memorial Day began.

As we commemorate those that lost their lives in service to our country lets not forget their survivors who have 365 memorial days every year. There can be no greater loss than that of a loved one. May this Memorial Day be a time to celebrate the lives of the beloved with a prayer that family, friends, and those that served by their side continue living their life in that same spirit of celebration.

At the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA we serve military families every day. To a dependent family a deployment is never easy until their love one returns safely. For the members of our Board of Management that served along side of so many being honored today we appreciate and value all that you do in service for the kids and families of San Diego County's most critical community.

Michael Brunker at http://twitter.com/michaelbrunker