Cymer Digital Studio at Mission Valley YMCA offers a learning environment outfitted with high-tech tools for mixing and editing music, developing video projects, creating art and more.

This project is sponsored by Cymer, Inc., the world's leading supplier of light sources used by chip makers to create advanced semiconductor chips. The Cymer Digital Studio provides a safe, out-of-school learning opportunity for students annually from under-resourced communities. The Digital Studio is the first of its kind in San Diego. It serves as an after-school outlet where local youth can tap into their passions and develop skills in a learning environment outfitted with high-tech tools for mixing and editing music, developing video projects, creating art and more.

The Cymer Digital Studio features professional-quality equipment provided by Cymer, including a total of 16 computers — HP desktops and Apple iMacs loaded with the latest video editing and music studio software — digital video equipment, and a small music recording studio.

Classes and Programs for Youth & Adults

Classes are ongoing, and not all are offered at the same time. To register for current classes, see Cymer

  • Computer Basics - Age 18+
    One-on-one, hour-long sessions with our instructor, emphasizing basic computer literacy and troubleshooting your desktop, laptop, tablet and/or phone.
  • Youth Photoshop Workshop
    Learn the basic layout of the program as well as the tools necessary to get you working in Photoshop! We’ll cover tools like the pen tool, the quick selection, magic wand, and paint brush. You’ll also learn techniques like how to apply layer styles, build a 3D globe, and basic photo manipulations. Computers and handouts provided. Basic computer knowledge is required.Learn the basics of Photoshop.
  • Adult Photoshop Workshop
    Learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop through graphic projects and photo manipulations. This class covers the basic tools like brush, crop, magic wand, and pen. We also cover basic photo adjustments like cropping, color balance, burning, and healing tools. Computers for course and handouts provided. Basic computer knowledge required.
  • Robotics at Cymer
    Beginning Level - Ages 8-12
    Our beginner Build-Me course is just that, the beginning! This course is designed for aspiring robot builders, coders, and all those tech-y. We’ll cover the basics of the EV3 Mindstorms robot using the Education build version. Students will learn how to program basic functions like moving, stopping, and turning before moving on to using the Color and Touch sensors to navigate a maze and other challenges. Computers and EV3 Mindstorms robots provided. Prerequisites: Basic computer knowledge such as using a mouse, double clicking, and typing.

    Intermediate Level - Ages 8-15
    Our Intermediate Level Build-Me Robotics course takes the concepts taught in the Beginner course and expands on them. We’ll learn two brand new sensors (the Ultrasonic and Gyro) and how they work with more complicated builds. This course will also cover programming your Blocks, utilizing the Medium Motor, and completing challenges like mazes and soccer rounds. Computers and EV3 Mindstorms robots provided. Basic computer knowledge required. Prerequisites: Build-Me Beginner Level course OR prior EV3 Mindstorms use via school, First Lego League, or LEGO clubs.
  • Video Editing Workshop
    Ages 10-17
  • Illustrator Workshop
    Ages 12+

Meet the Director - Edreace Purmul

Edreace Purmul, director of Cymer Digital Studio, brings both experience working with youth and a passion to share his knowledge. The San Diego State University graduate studied film and marketing, and right after college, his first film received a Nomination for Best Picture in 2008 at the Cairo International Film Festival and won the Audience Favorite award at Riverside International Film Festival. Edreace founded his own film production company in 2012.

He's thrilled to be able to offer open lab time to youth from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. Students may work on video and audio production, graphic design, video game development and robotics, as well as school homework projects.


Contact Edreace Purmul, [email protected] or 619-298-3576