urban teacher fellows

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Urban Teacher Fellows available in North County or South Bay?

The Urban Teacher Fellows program is centrally located in the metro area and is easily accessible via public transportation. At this time, there are no Urban Teacher Fellows programs in the North County or South Bay area. Candidates need to live in the metro region and have to meet other program requirements in order to potentially qualify. For a list of other potential opportunities offered by our partner San Diego Workforce Partnership in South Bay and North County, please visit San Diego Workforce Partnership Website.

Is the Urban Teacher Fellows program free?

Urban Teacher Fellows is free for eligible participants. Participants in the program can potentially receive financial support to assist with education and career goals.

Do you have to have your high school diploma in order to be eligible?

All eligible participants need to have their high school diploma or GED equivalent. Prospective candidates who are close to finishing up their degree or GED are more than welcome to contact our office to discuss the next steps in the enrollment process.

Do participants have to want to become a teacher in order to be part of the program?

The Urban Teacher Fellows is designed to help participants who want to become teachers or work with youth. Interested candidates should be open to this career pathway and be willing to take classes and trainings related to education and child development.

Is the internship paid?

The YMCA Youth Employment Opportunity gives participants the opportunity to gain valuable and practical paid work experience. Our program provides training and work experience opportunities in the childcare and educational fields.

How do I get started in the program?

The first step in the enrollment process is to call or email our office to schedule an orientation. At the orientation, candidates will be given an overview of the program and will discuss the eligibility process with program staff.