oz testimonials

At Oz we value feedback and survey every youth and family upon completion of the program. We take what they say seriously and are always looking at improving our program. We are proud of our outcomes and what families have said about us.

According to our Family Exit Survey:

97% report feeling satisfied with interactions with staff and the supervision.
100% felt that the individual and family counseling services were positive for their child and their family.
94% anticipate an improvement in the problematic behavior that brought their family to Oz.
100% would recommend the Oz program to a friend or family member.

“Our family has benefited greatly from family sessions. It was the beginning of some important/fundamental changes in how we communicate. Overall our experience has been very positive and helpful.” –Parent, 5/9/14

“Everything is good. I really appreciate Oz for helping my son. His behavior has really changed.” –Parent 9/12/14

“I feel better about myself and I have a little more respect for myself. It was educational and it helped me learn how to cook. Overall it was a good program that helped me a lot.” –Youth 9/23/14

“I’m very satisfied. My son never opened up to communicate his problems. Since he came to Oz I could see a big difference in his ability to express himself. He was always well supervised. I could call anytime and someone was always available, therefore I felt my son was very well supervised. Family counseling helped us.” –Parent 10/27/14

“The individual counseling was very effective and my child improved a lot more. With the new techniques and counseling my child received I know my child will improve. The communication from staff was very effective, interactions and activities were amazing and counseling was very informative.” –Parent 12/7/14

“Overall this program is a blessing for us. This is the beginning of a better life as a family. It will take us time but with your help we are on our way. Thank you.” –Parent 12/23/14

“I think this has given us the time away from each other to relax and think and talk about our wants and needs. Oz has been a good positive environment.” –Parent 2/2/15

“The staff were always supportive and willing to challenge me without pushing the boundaries too far. I’d recommend Oz because of the positive people and environment, along with the sense of fun and belonging.” –Youth 2/3/15

“I am very pleased with Oz. I never had to worry (about supervision) because the staff are very aware. I think that counseling has been beneficial for my daughter. It is an opening to ongoing counseling. I look forward to our sessions.” –Parent 2/11/15