oz Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Oz cost?

Fees are assessed on a sliding scale rate based on family income and size. A per “bed night” fee is established and families are asked to put down an initial deposit of 3 nights. The remaining amount can then be made in payments.

Oz will work with families on what they can afford and will not turn a family away due to their inability to pay.

Does Oz accept Insurance?

Oz accepts Kaiser and United Behavioral Health insurance. Please contact Oz at 858-270-8213 to find out how to start the process of being referred to Oz from your insurance.

For those with other insurance, Oz may be considered an “out of network” provider. The family will be responsible for the payment, however upon completion of the program the family can be provided with a “Super Bill” that they can submit to their insurance for possible reimbursement.

How do I make a referral to Oz?

Contact Oz at 858-270-8213 and we will assist you with the referral process.

Is Oz co-ed?

Yes, both males and females can reside in the program. Youth rooms are separated by gender and there is 24 hour supervision.

How many teens are at Oz at one time?

Oz can house up to 10 teens at one time and will typically have between 5-8 teens.

What is the supervision like at Oz?

Supervision is provided 24 hours a day and at night bed checks are done every 10-15 minutes. Oz has a residential supervisor staff to youth ratio of 5 to 1.

What kinds of activities do the teens participate in while at Oz?

Oz has a busy and structured schedule that is treatment orientated. Youth engage in school studies, enrichment activities including art, cooking, and interactive games, and recreation which includes on-site sports activities, going to the local park, and working out at the La Jolla Family YMCA. Youth may also be taken off-site to go to Balboa Park to tour the museums and engage in other local community events.