outpatient family services

The Outpatient Family Services (OFS) program is designed to provide treatment to families and adolescents who are experiencing conflict and seeking intensive assistance in a caring and therapeutic environment.
Independent Living Skills

Who We Serve:

  • Families with children ages 12-21, experiencing conflict, crisis or other behavioral difficulties
  • Families and individuals who have previously participated in YMCA Oz San Diego

Who We Are:

  • Staff are experienced in therapeutic family treatment designed to increase family cohesion and rectify problem behaviors
  • Fee-based services with a sliding scale based on annual income
  • Intensive track is available for families in need of more concentrated care

What We Do:

  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the family dynamics, history and problem behaviors
  • Provide family therapy weekly, bi-weekly, or provide more intensive services as determined by assessment
  • Partner with the family to create goals and outcomes that are realistic and address the issues bringing the family to treatment
  • Educate parents on adolescent brain development and effective parenting strategies