Program Testimonials

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YFS Program Testimonials

Turning Point Transitional Living Program

“Turning Point is a place where it’s safe. They always open their hands to anyone. They don’t judge you for anything no matter what your situation is. They’re kind, they actually get involved in your life and actually help you to the best of their advantage. So I would say it’s a real helpful place. I don’t know what I would have done if Turning Point actually didn’t given me this opportunity to move in here.”

- Diana, Turning Point Resident

Turning Point has benefited me in ways that are indescribable; the program literally saved my life and future. I walked into the program as a lost young woman with no money. Now I am a strong independent woman with goals and a bright future. Turning Point gave me the guidance I needed to become the person I am today. I have built long lasting friendships with the staff and residents of Turning Point. I have had the opportunity to travel and also I have had the opportunity to network with many different people. Turning Point is an opportunity program that gives young adults a chance at a future that they will benefit from.

- Former Turning Point Resident

Oz Shelter Services

“The best thing is to share with other families. It’s not only one, it’s not only me. There are more problems within other families so we can share ideas, so we can learn more. They helped me so they can help you too.”

- Adrianna, Oz Parent

“Oz changed my life in many different ways. One way was my attitude. I remember when my mom and dad told me to do the simplest things and I would get so mad and start talking back real bad. Oz helped me through the toughest time that I thought I had. I really appreciate all the counselors at Oz because when I had a problem with kids there they would help me solve it. I made a couple of friends and I enjoyed talking with kids there because they mainly had the same problems or close to the same problems as I did. Oz was a stepping stone for me.”

- Lilian, former Oz Participant

About a year and a half ago, both me and my wife started to have problems with my then thirteen year old daughter. She was out of control and my wife and I were at our wits end with her. Her behavior was going from bad to worse. She was not taking responsibility for her actions.

The problems then started escalating as well in school. She was suspended and we were told that she had to be seen by a psychiatrist before she could return to school. The next big blow was her arrest at her middle school. She was arrested for theft with other girls. The situation looked grim for our family. For the first time we had no solution to our problems with her.

We then took her to Kaiser Permanente and they gave us information about a program called Oz. My daughter went into the program hesitant but for the first time she did not put up a fight. My daughter got intense counseling both one-on-one as well as group and family counseling that the family participated in. I was deeply relieved that we were not the only ones dealing with issues like this but also other families were going through this. The program got to her and the changes in her were just unbelievable in just one week. I owe a great debt of thanks to all at program Oz.

- Parent of Oz participant

Mary's House Transitional Living Program

“Mary’s House is a transitional living program which provides structure and resources for children that have just been aged out of the foster care system and have pretty much nothing else to help them out. Without Mary’s House girls that have come from my background and are in the same situations would most likely be on the streets”

- Ashley, Mary's House Resident

Two years ago, as I graduated high school and was released from the foster care system with no where to go, you took me in. In all of your arms I was held one way or another. Thanks for opening your arms to me. You have all taught me a lot. Things that I won't forget and things that I will share with others. But most of all, I would like to thank you for being my family, a family that will support me, a family that I can trust, a family that I can rely on and a family that I will continue to cherish.

- Letter from a Former Resident of the Program

Kinship Support Services Program

Sandy has been a client of YMCA Kinship Support Services since February 2005 and is a single grandmother raising her two grandchildren, on top of being a hospice nurse. Her grandchildren came to live with her when the home that her grandchildren were living in was raided for drugs. Her grandchildren are now eight and ten years old, and have seen more trauma and angst than any child should have to see. Since becoming part of the Kinship Program, Sandy has attended weekly support groups, received school supplies, school clothes, holiday help, as well as assistance with basic needs. Her grandchildren have received new bikes through the Build a Bike Program, have become connected with Boys and Girls Club for after school needs and have received constant support from other kinship families.

Sandy has said that she truly doesn't believe that her family would be alive if it wasn't for the Kinship Program stepping in when no one else would. Sandy is completely devoted to giving her grandchildren a good home and has been able to help other Kinship families by sharing her story.

- KSSP Case Manager