About deanna arango

Deanna graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Family Development from San Diego State University (SDSU). While completing her degree, Deanna was given opportunities to volunteer for many different organizations.

During her first semester she spent time with the East County Domestic Violence Coalition where she gained knowledge on the Bystander Effect. She then spent a summer as a preschool aide at SDSU Children’s Center where she was able to observe children’s cognitive and social development. During her last semester Deanna volunteered at Storefront Teen Homeless Shelter and at a trauma informed parenting class provided by Cherokee Point Elementary.

At both internships Deanna provided mentoring and tutoring services to youth and Spanish speaking parents. It was then that Deanna found how much she enjoyed supporting youth and their families.

Deanna began herworking relationship with the Jackie Robinson YMCA in 2012 as a Youth Leader for the after school program at Fulton Elementary. After graduating Deanna joined Autism Spectrums Therapies (AST) as a Behavioral Interventionist, where she provided ABA therapy to children diagnosed with Autism.

In 2014 Deanna returned to the YMCA, with Youth and Family Services Inclusion Program as an Inclusion Aide. Deanna worked closely with students who were at-risk of being removed from their after school program because of behavior issues, such as, anger, defiance, or even low self-esteem.

Deanna collaborated with parents, school staff, as well as after school staff to identify the child’s behavior goals, useful interventions and behavior modification techniques. In addition, Deanna would provide students and their families with useful resources within their community. Deanna enjoys providing resources to youth and their familiesbecause itgivesthem the opportunity to grow and feel supported in their community.

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