TIDES Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost?

For Medi-Cal clients that exhibit Socially/Emotionally Disturbed behavior the TIDES program is free of cost. Those with no insurance will pay a fee based on income and family size.

What are the enrollment requirements?

Students who are struggling with emotional or behavioral problems at school, home or in the community AND have either full scope Medi-Cal insurance that exhibit Socially/Emotionally Disturbed behavior, or no insurance.

When and where would my child be seen?

Your child can be seen at their school during school hours or at the TIDES office on 4394 30th street, San Diego CA 92104 after school hours. Appointments with caregivers are provided at the school site or at the TIDES office.

What are the qualifications of the TIDES therapists?

TIDES therapist have a Master’s level degree in Marriage and Family Therapy or Social Work. Therapists are either licensed or registered interns with the Board of Behavioral Sciences that are supervised by an AAMFT-approved Clinical Supervisor.

I think my child needs to be on medication, do you prescribe?

The TIDES program has a psychiatrist that does medication evaluations and monitoring. The TIDES psychiatrist collaborates with the therapist, family, and student regarding the appropriateness of medication.

My child’s teacher told me my kid has ADHD, does she/he need medication?

While teachers may have a lot of knowledge on your child’s daily behaviors in class, they are not an expert on your child’s mental health. It is important for you to get your child evaluated by a Mental Health Professional with experience in working with children. Medication is a personal decision decided by the caregiver, child, and child’s psychiatrist/doctor.

My child is acting up/misbehaving in school, can you help?

Yes, the TIDES programs assists students and their family in better understanding and managing behaviors at school, home, and in the community.

Do you accept private insurance?

No. The TIDES program only accepts Medi-Cal and those with no insurance.

How do I sign my child up for the program?

You can speak to your child's' school counselor or teacher and inquire about signing up for the TIDES program or contact the TIDES program directly by clicking here or calling 619-281-8313.

If my child is a TIDES participant can my other children be part of therapy too?

Your child that is a TIDES participant may invite other family members such as siblings, parents, and extended family members to participate in the therapeutic process. However, any family members not enrolled in the TIDES program need to be enrolled separately in order to receive individualized therapy services. See enrollment requirements above.

At which schools is the TIDES program offered? What if my child is not at one of your school sites?

TIDES programming is offered at the following schools:

Elementary Schools: Birney, Clay, Perkins, Sherman, Ocean Beach, King Chavez Primary, King Chaves Arts & Athletics,

Middle Schools: Roosevelt, King Chavez Preparatory

High Schools: San Diego High School

If your child attends a school that is not listed but meets the requirements for the program, they can be seen as a community client at the TIDES office.

What kinds of problems do you work with?

TIDES works with students who are struggling with emotional or behavioral problems at school, home, or in the community. These may include: Defiance, disruptive behavior, aggressive behaviors, grief, hyperactivity, traumatic experiences, conflict with family or peers, domestic violence, family separation/divorce process, adjustment issues, emotional problems, etc.

Do you help with tutoring?

No. TIDES is not an academic tutoring program. TIDES assists with behaviors and emotional problems. The TIDES Case Manager may assist you with finding the appropriate resources for tutoring.

Do you work with families that have an open CPS case? (TERM Approved)

Yes, TIDES therapist are TERM approved, meaning they meet the requirements to work with students and families requiring therapy by Child Welfare Services.

Do you have parenting classes?

The TIDES program does not currently offer parenting classes. TIDES therapist may assist parents/caregivers in parenting techniques during therapy sessions.

I think my teen is using alcohol and/or drugs, can you help?

TIDES therapists can assist your teen in developing decision-making skills and exploring the underlying reasons for using alcohol and/or drugs. Those that require additional treatment for alcohol and/or drug use will be referred to appropriate agencies in the community.

Are you employed by the school?

No. We are YMCA employees. TIDES is county funded Medi-Cal EPSDT (Early Prevention, Diagnostics and Treatment) program.

Do you tell school officials/teachers what is said in therapy sessions?

No. Therapists adhere to strict confidentiality. Therapists do not disclose personal information to school officials/teachers. Therapists may assist teachers or school officials by offering tips and suggestions on how to respond to your child’s behaviors at school.

How do you collaborate with school officials/teachers?

Therapists collaborate with school officials/teachers by offering suggestions/tips on responding to your child’s behaviors, they may attend IEP, SST meetings, and they may assist parents with advocating on behalf of their child.

Do you have appointments available in the evenings?

Yes, appointments are available in the evenings at the TIDES office.

What if my child changes schools, can they still receive therapy?

Your child may continue to have therapy through the TIDES program by attending appointments at the TIDES office.

Will my child miss too much classroom instruction if he is attending therapy during school hours?

TIDES Therapists collaborate with teachers on when to see your child. The TIDES program has a collaborative relationship with your child’s school and their teachers. Therapists keep your child's academic success in mind when taking them out of class.