inclusion & behavior support services testimonials

From Parents:

"My Behavior Support Specialist has communicated with me on a daily basis and has asked for guidance and suggestions as to what things to work on with my daughter and what specific areas of her behavior might be addressed. My BSS has also give me a written summary each day she works with my daughter which other professional support specialists found to contain valuable information.

We are glad to have this specialized attention during her after school program and feel it is enhancing and complimenting the other services she receives."
"I have seen the Behavior Support Specialist interact with my son from the start of the school year and I have seen a change in my child. I see the dedication that she gives to the children at Cabrillo Elementary and I have noticed that her enthusiastic personality helps our children have a better school year.

Numerous times, she takes her time to communicate to me about my child advancement, and many times I have learned from her. She is easy to talk to, and with a friendly demeanor she always gives me positive advice regarding my child. As a parent I am pleased that there is a person like her that has the capacity to help our children and she loves what she does. She is an asset to Primetime Cabrillo Elementary."
"The two words I am the most tired of hearing is "somebody" and "resources" without yielding much results. This email is to proudly tell you that Ms. Monica is one of exceptionally few "somebodies" and that the program you help run is one of exceptionally few "resources" that have kept our family barely running.

Her consistent, diligent and patient nature are an invaluable asset to my son and clearly have kept his stress levels down... I am not joking when I say the success of our family is greatly due to your program taking on a serious issue by having good people in hard positions. This is the type of thing I wish could be greatly rewarded with something more than just complements. In short Thank You!"

From Site Staff:

"The situation at Cabrillo Elementary school before having the support of a Behavior Support Specialist was chaotic. The student that is now being supported by Ms. Chelsea had the habit of running away from the team and or boundaries when ever he became upset. Having Chelsea working one on one with the participant has helped him make better choices and use words, drawings, coloring as well as other useful techniques to express what he is feeling instead of reacting and running away.

Now that our participant is being supported and redirected by Ms. Chelsea, the student is making an effort and huge improvements to think about his actions and reflect on the consequences of his decisions.The most beneficial part of having a BSS at Cabrillo is having the supportive and positive redirection. Student is making his own choices guided by Ms. Chelsea. Ms. Chelsea is great about communicating with students. Ex. She gets at eye level, uses a soft a positive tone, and praises all efforts.

When communicating with PrimeTime staff Chelsea is respectful and helpful by giving advice and useful tips. Parents are requesting meetings with Chelsea to discuss the students’ improvement and requesting ideas they can implement at home. Parents often compliment Chelsea on her demeanor and her approach she takes when redirecting the children. Having the support of an BSS at our site has also been beneficial to other students who see the way Chelsea redirects the students. Other students have began making better choices just by observing her with our participant."

-Site Supervisor