Aquatics & Swim Lessons

Swimming Lessons

Swim lesson participants are taught skills that include personal safety, stroke development, survival and rescue skills as well as water sports and games. The program content is based on the concept of developing a healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

Instruction is delivered in a student-centered, caring atmosphere by certified instructors who give students personalized attention. Lessons are developmentally appropriate and designed to quickly and effectively teach aquatic skills. Safety is our highest priority.

YMCA Swim Facts

  • McGrath Family YMCA pool

    Today, tens of millions of people across the United States have learned how to swim at the YMCA, including Olympic Gold Medalists Cullen Jones & Ian Crocker, as well as former President Ronald Reagan.
  • At YMCAs, children & adults not only learn how to swim, but also learn about safety & rescue skills, & water activities that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.
  • Through YMCA Splash & other outreach programs, YMCAs help people of all ages, especially children & families, learn basic swimming skills & water safety practices.
  • With more than 2,200 pools nationally, YMCAs are collectively the largest operator of swimming pools in the United States.
  • YMCAs offer water fitness classes & competitive swim programs for adults & youth.
  • YMCAs offer arthritis aquatics classes for active older adults. Research has proven that this form of regular exercise helps slow the aging process.
  • Swimming is a lifetime activity. No other activity provides so many health benefits with so little physical risk of injury. It is a low impact sport & is therefore easier on joints & muscles, making it ideal for all individuals, especially those ages 40 & older.
  • For the last 120 years, the YMCA has been recognized as the nation’s swim instructor, teaching safety & confidence in the water.