• April 10 - 21, 2017: Initial application process
  • Applications MUST be turned in at STAR school site to the STAR site supervisor. All applications submitted will receive a receipt from the STAR staff indicating the application has been received (please note, the receipt does not guarantee enrollment)
  • May 19, 2017: Enrollment lists will be posted at the schools.
  • All enrolled families must attend a mandatory parent meeting. Dates and times will be posted at each school site.
  • Applications received after April 21, 2017 will be automatically added to the waiting list.

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What is STAR?

STAR is a partnership between the South Bay Family YMCA and McGill School of Success.

The goal of STAR is to create a dynamic, and stimulating after school environment that gives children the boost they need to succeed academically and socially.

This free program provides structured academic activities for K-5th grade students at McGill School of Success.

The program generally operates immediately after school until 6pm daily. STAR does operate select school breaks, please reach out to STAR program for exact dates.

How Are Students Selected?

All K- 5th grade students who attend STAR can apply, however, priority is given to students grade 1-5, referred by school personnel, who can attend for 5 days a week, and who can attend for the duration of the program. Enrollment is also determined by total space available in the program at each school, and the number of students enrolled from each grade group
STAR Achievers

Applications become available in the spring of each year for the following school year. There is an initial enrollment period where all applications received are evaluated for enrollment. Applications received after the initial enrollment period will be added to the waiting list and enrolled according to a needs assessment, not the order received. Each site maintains a waiting list and students are enrolled as space becomes available.


The curriculum is designed to help students meet or exceed state content standards in reading and math in a fun, camp-like atmosphere.

Activities incorporate literature, drama, math, writing, and art.
Students who come every day receive the most benefit from STAR.


30-45 minutes each day is devoted to homework/academic enrichment. Our staff provide individual assistance, however, we cannot be responsible for correcting homework.
It is each student's responsibility to use Homework Center time constructively.

STAR Staff

Each site is staffed by a STAR Supervisor, an Assistant Supervisor, and 3 to 8 Youth Leaders.
All staff are certified in First Aid and CPR and receive specialized training addressing behavior management, literacy development, and curriculum. Staff members must also undergo a background check.


To provide the best possible experience for all participants STAR staff will hold each child to the same behavior standards as those enforced by the school.

Daily Sign-IN/OUT

To participate in the program, children are required to sign-in with their STAR Youth Leader each day within 5 minutes of school dismissal. We ask that parents inform the Site Supervisor when their children will not be in attendance or need to leave early. STAR staff cannot be responsible for children who do not sign-in or who leave the school grounds.

Parents or other authorized persons must sign students out.


It is important that students who are enrolled in STAR attend each and every day for the duration of the program time. Students enrolled in the STAR AM program are expected to attend each day for a minimum of half of the program time (usually 45-60 minutes, depending on the school site). Students enrolled in the STAR PM program are expected to attend each day from school dismissal until 6:00 PM.

STAR operates during intersession on some days when Schools are closed for vacations or holidays.


  • Monday > 6:30p - 8:15a | 2:45p - 6:00p
  • Tuesday > 6:30p - 8:15a | 2:45p - 6:00p
  • Wednesday > 6:30p - 8:15a | 12:40p - 6:00p
  • Thursday > 6:30p - 8:15a | 2:45p - 6:00p
  • Friday > 6:30p - 8:15a | 2:45p - 6:00p


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