Our Community's Need:

Nationally, obesity takes 34 lives every hour. Every day, 700 people are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. 1 in 3 children will develop Type 2 Diabetes. Community health and the obesity epidemic are most prevalent in our south bay community, an area with a significantly diverse population. A vast majority of our YMCA families reside in one of the most economically challenged areas of south county. Of the families our Y serves: 64% are of Hispanic descent, 52% live at or below the poverty level, 1 in every 5 families is military, and 80% of children who are overweight will become obese by the age of 25.

The Impact of Your Gift:

As the leading organization for healthy lifestyles in the south bay, a top priority for our Y is preventing chronic
disease and obesity.

Our Commitment:

When you give, together, we can be the catalyst for change. We will serve more families, in more south bay communities, in an equal way. We will stand behind our promise to never deny anyone programs or services due to lack of financial ability.


  • $10 per month teaches a child to swim in a positive and motivating environment at our Y.
  • $25 per month allows a senior living on a fixed income to stay active and maintain their well-being and social connections through Y programs and services.
  • $50 per month makes it possible for a family in our south bay community to become involved members of our Y who otherwise could not afford it.
  • $100 per month helps offset the cost of “Character Builders," our before and afterschool licensed childcare program. Our program offers a safety net for working families and a nurturing, safe environment for their children.