At the Rancho Family YMCA we value our members an participants. By recognizing the similarities we share and cherishing our differences we believe it enhances us all.


Rancho Family YMCA celebrates and encourages the diversity of our membership and staff. We strive to learn from all cultures to improve our programs and to ensure that people of all backgrounds and capabilities feel welcome to participate in rewarding activities that will strengthen the health and vitality of the YMCA and the communities we serve.

Diversity Events

Every quarter our Y will highlight a different ethnic group, nationality or demographic. Check out what we have done and be sure to come back to see our next event!

This month we celebrate the Lunar New Year. Stop by the table in the lobby to learn more about the Lunar New Year, how its celebrated around the world, and help your kids make a red lantern.

The staff at the Y want to wish all of our members and participants a happy year of the snake!

Character Development

At the Rancho Family YMCA we value our core values—caring, honesty, respect, responsibility. These attributes of personal character and ethical behavior are essential to attaining our mission. Every day in every program we demonstrate these values to our members and encourage both children and adults to be caring, honest, respectful, and responsible in their lives and interactions with others.

October is Character Development month at the YMCA. We bring attention to our core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility through our programs and special activities. These values are taught and demonstrated year-round at the Y, with special emphasis during October.

YMCA Core Values

Our four core values unite us as a movement with a common cause. They are the shared beliefs and essential principles that guide our behaviors, interactions with each other and decision making.

Caring: to show a sincere concern for others, for their needs and well-being.

Honesty: to be truthful in what you say and do.

Respect: to follow the golden rule.

Responsibility: to do what is right, be accountable for your promises and actions.