2016 Annual Campaign

The Palomar Family YMCA goal this year is to raise $289,000! Thanks to all who have made a pledge already, and if you haven't yet been asked, please consider making a pledge this year.

The Community's Need:

It’s a fact that strong, stable, secure families form a solid foundation for the growth and success of all family members, particularly children in low-income areas. We are committed to reaching out to kids and families regardless of income, to provide support by engaging in the Y.

Our Commitment:

We have a vision to significantly increase the time families spend together and, specifically, to engage 1 in 8 households in programs that will help family members of all ages and backgrounds learn, grow and thrive.
Last year, Palomar Family YMCA raised $275,000 to provide Scholarships and subsidy to fulfill our mission to serve all people regardless of their ability to pay. The need is urgent and growing…and it can’t be met without you!

The Impact of Your Investment:

Palomar Family YMCA’s campaign focuses on supporting our highest-need communities throughout Escondido and surrounding areas. When you invest in the Y, your dollars will directly benefit kids and families in underserved communities.

Palomar Family YMCA By the Numbers:

  • Our goal to raise this year: $289,000
  • $345,000 Scholarships and subsidy provided to those who need it most.
  • 13 child & youth development sites caring for more than 820 children every day.
  • 1 in 4 members receive Scholarships.
  • $20,168 given to children so that they can experience summer camp.
  • 900 children learned to swim in our pool.
  • 9,000+ members & participants serving our community for 51 years.

Why Your Gift Matters


We're helping San Diegans, just as thousands of volunteers are impacting communities across the country.

Annual Support
Robert’s Story

My family joined the Y when I was in need of childcare for my 4 children. My oldest son, Robert, is Autistic, and I was looking for a childcare center whose staff is responsible, attentive, caring, patient, and have the proper training to deal with an autistic child. At a previous childcare center, the staff did not have adequate training to help a child on the Autistic spectrum.

I can honestly say that the YMCA has been a great blessing for my family. The staff have helped me with everything from applying for and receiving Scholarships, to signing up for camp, to creating an Inclusion program so that my son could attend all weeks of mainstream camp this summer (last year he could only attend 3 weeks of camp just for autistic children). The camp kids were able to really get to know and become friends with Robert. It didn't take long for the campers to understand that he understands things differently. Through the Inclusion program, not only did Robert learn how to function in a camp setting, he taught all staff and other children about people's differences and why we all need to accept everyone for who they are.

Here at the Y, I can honestly say that the staff have lived through some of the hardest times and changes with Robert and have helped him learn valuable life skills. The YMCA showed my family acceptance, never questioning my son or whether they could “manage” him. For the last 3 years, I have been able to have comfort leaving my kids to go to work knowing that they are in good care. All I can say is thank you, and sometimes that doesn’t seem like enough; I am grateful for all that the YMCA does and continues to do for the community.

Robert's mom campaigns for the Annual Campaign this year because of all of the support she's felt from the Y over the years.

Robert, ASES Childcare Participant