Our Mission Statement

The YMCA of San Diego County is dedicated to improving the quality of human life and to helping all people realize their fullest potential as children of God through the development of the spirit, mind and body.

staff directory


Lisa Norombaba, Executive Director
(760) 745-7490, email: lnorombaba@ymca.org

Jeff Myers, Associate Executive Director
(760) 745-7490, email: jmyers@ymca.org

Kristin Ugrob, Department Head

(760) 745-7490, email: kugrob@ymca.org

Annie Fiedler, Membership Director
(760) 745-7490, email: afiedler@ymca.org

Ed Hazen, Facility Director
(760) 745-7490, email: ehazen@ymca.org

Brenda Vann, Licensed Childcare Director
(760) 745-7490, email: bvann@ymca.org

Julie Gustafson, Camp Director
(760) 745-7490, email: jgustafson@ymca.org

Stacey Porter, Aquatics Director
(760) 745-7490, email: sporter@ymca.org

Coordinators & Admin Staff

Gina Medina, Administration Specialist
(760) 745-7490, email: gmedina@ymca.org

Angelica Soto, Administrative Assistant
(760) 745-7490, email: asoto@ymca.org

Andrea Hunziker, Aquatics Coordinator
(760) 745-7490, email: ahunziker@ymca.org

Claire Roberts, Child & Youth Development Licensed Programs Coordinator
(760) 745-7490, email: croberts@ymca.org

Debbie Stuurman, Child Watch Coordinator
(760) 745-7490, email: dstuurman@ymca.org

Elsa Miranda, Membership Coordinator
(760) 745-7490, email: emiranda@ymca.org

Jennifer Martinez, Group Exercise Coordinator
(760) 745-7490, email: jmartinez@ymca.org

Keriann Nomura, Sports Coordinator
(760) 745-7490, email: knomura@ymca.org

Nathan Fremstad, Volunteer Coordinator
(760) 745-7490, email: nfremstad@ymca.org