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2017 Annual Campaign

The Community's Need:

It’s a fact that strong, stable, secure families form a solid foundation for the growth and success of all family members, particularly children in low-income areas. We are committed to reaching out to kids and families regardless of income, to provide support by engaging in the Y.

Our Commitment:

We have a vision to significantly increase the time family spends together, and specifically, to engage 1 in 8 households in programs that will help family members of all ages and backgrounds learn, grow and thrive. Last year, the Joe and Mary Mottino Family YMCA raised $198,525 to provide scholarships and subsidies to fulfill our mission to serve all people regardless of their ability to pay. The need is urgent and growing… and it can't be met without you!

The Impact of Your Investment:

Our Association – lead campaign focuses on supporting our highest need communities throughout San Diego County. When you invest in the Y, your dollars will directly benefit kids and families in underserved communities.

Mottino Family YMCA By the Numbers:

  • Our goal to raise this year: $204,000
  • We provided $236,547 in Scholarships and subsidy to those who need it most.
  • We gave $15,000 to 20 families with children who have special needs to attend camp with an inclusion aid.
  • 122 children learned to swim and attended camp this past summer with the help of Scholarships.
  • 60 military families sent their kids to STEM camp at no cost.
  • $61,917 subsidy to military members so they have access to community support.

Why Your Gift Matters

We're helping San Diegans, just as thousands of volunteers are impacting communities across the country.

Samantha's Story

Samantha has a lot to smile about thanks to the Y’s before-and-after school program at Del Rio Elementary School. As a single mother, supporting her family is a responsibility on its own and challenge that she would never successfully achieve without the support of the YMCA.

Her third grade daughter, Abigail, has recently been enrolled into a gifted and talented program for her academics. “She’s excelling not only in school, but in life too! I know that this is a direct result to the fabulous and loving program the Y offers at Del Rio and I am forever grateful,” says Samantha.

Whether it’s in the classroom or on the soccer field, we’re seeing kids like Abigail reach new heights. With the support of our community, we’re able to continue programs to youth and families to learn, grow and thrive together.