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If you are new to our sports programs, you may have some questions!

youth Soccer

What are assessments?
  • A practice style session to evaluate a child’s current ability and to assist in making balanced teams.
Are we guaranteed a coach or team if we request one?
  • Team and coach requests are not honored at this time.
Are we guaranteed a specific practice day or time if we request one?
  • We cannot guarantee a specific practice day or time, but we allow you to select two options if you fill out a draft card. We do our best to accommodate as many preferences as possible, while maintaining balanced teams.
How many players are on a soccer team?
  • No more than 14 players per soccer team.
Do you keep score for youth soccer?
  • Only for age groups 10+, (9 and under does not keep score).
Do you honor sibling requests for teams?
  • We honor sibling requests for teams, and we try to have them practice on the same day.
How do I get my child on a competitive soccer team?
  • Your child must attend a tryout, for information contact Kirsten Roberts, [email protected]

When can my child tryout for the Competitive Soccer team?
  • Each season there are tryouts.

What days are recreational practices?
  • Monday – Friday, 5 and 6pm. practice days vary by available coaches per age groups.

What time are games?
  • Games are on Saturdays and start at 11am and can go until 8pm. The younger age groups play earlier in the day and older age groups play later into the evening.

sports contact information

Mission Valley

Brian Boyd: Sports Director
[email protected] or 619-298-3576 ext. 12063

Susan Gould: Sports Coordinator
[email protected] or 619-298-3576 ext. 12059

Toby Wells

Peter McCoy: Sports Coordinator
[email protected] or 858-496-9622 ext. 12119