family spotlight

The McDonalds

"I participate in almost every no-cost/low-cost event, because it offers my children the opportunity to meet and interact with other children," explains Faye McDonald. Daughters Lydia, 4, and Lorelei, 1, are regulars in the Craft Class, Fun Science, Learn & Grow gardening and Kid's Place. "My girls love art projects, but I don't love the mess," Faye says. "And both of my girls love playing in the dirt and eating the 'fruits of their labor' (tomatoes and veggies)."

A few years ago, after experiencing costly and mediocre child care at her gym, Faye took her mother-in-law's advice and joined the Y. "I love Kid's Place! I love the gals, especially Miss Aubrey, who is known as the Baby Whisperer amongst many of we moms. She is always willing to hold a crying baby — which was usually the condition of Lorelei. It was the first time I was able to work out and do yoga for a whole 45 minutes!"

The McDonald girls are young gymnasts, as well, and mom loves the way Ms. RaeAnne is "upbeat and warm, making all of the kids feel right at home. "Lydia met a friend in Gymventures; we coordinated several classes and still get together for play dates at Toby Wells," she says.

"I recommend to every new member: Join everything! You never know what our kids will enjoy most!"