YMCA Healthy Kids® Day

Meet The Knitters

"It's good for the soul"

Since February 2011, Candy Garner has been coming to Hazard Center. She’s not a member but her mother is, and several times a week, Candy would drop her mother off and knit by the front desk as she waited for her mother’s class to end. The Y's Bernadette Morgan offered her a dedicated space to continue knitting, and the rest, as they say, is history.

These days, Candy leads a group of more than 20 women who meet regularly at Hazard Center YMCA. Initially, the

group — they call themselves "Knit A Bit" — met once a month for an hour in a yoga studio between classes. Now they meet twice a month for two and a half hours, and they often get visitors who drop in for advice on their knitting projects at home! Most are Y members; some are not. Some ladies live alone and appreciate the social element of the group, while others point to the benefits that knitting has had on their arthritis.

Despite any differences, they have a shared sense of community built around a common interest. That’s why they got together to knit more than 50 items for "preemies" at UCSD Medical Center and for soldiers at San Diego Veteran’s Hospital returning from deployments. As one of the regulars put it, "Knitting is good for the soul."

We’re proud that the Y is "more than just a gym," and that staff like Bernadette, and participants like Candy and the other Knit-A-Bitters are what make the Y special place in the community. — posted 3/28/12