YMCA Healthy Kids® Day

The TaylorsMeet The Taylors

Enjoying family time at the Y

When the military brought the Taylor family to San Diego, Ebony knew where to go. With an injured knee, she was determined put off surgery to strengthen her body and give it a chance to heal on its own. "I grew up with the Y. My mom was a single parent, and the Y did a lot to support us and her."

Ebony was nervous about leaving her younger daughter in Child Watch at first. "She had separation anxiety really badly. I’m a stay-at-home mom and she was with me all of the time. But she did amazingly and warmed up to the staff right away. It took away the guilt factor.

"A lot of moms say, ‘I don’t want to work out because I don’t want to take time away from my kids,’ But the reality is, it’s the best thing you can do for your whole family. It’s making you healthier and gives you more mental clarity. It’s giving you a break from your kids, which they need, too! They need time away from you and time with other people. It’s good for entire family."

Whether they’re taking a class, swimming in the pool or shooting baskets with the girls, the Taylors have become an active family. Ebony has shed about 38 pounds, and Richard is 30 pounds lighter. "We have stayed so dedicated," Ebony states.

Their friends want in on their secret. "There’s not a secret! It’s eating right and working out. That really is what it is. I have friends who go to gyms where everyone is so concerned about what you’re wearing and how much weight you can put up,” Ebony says. This place is not like that. You don’t feel pressure to conform. You don’t feel like you have to fit in. You don’t feel like you have to look a certain way. You don’t feel like people are judging you when you are working out. It’s so comfortable. That’s why we love it."

And when the Taylors find something they like, they spread the word. "Last year I referred eight families," Ebony says. "My friends saw how happy this place has made me and what it did for me." Richard agrees. “All of our friends work out here now. The kids all play, and we do classes together.” — posted April 2016