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Please take a moment to look over the policies that reflect our YMCA Core Values: Caring, honesty, respect & responsibility.

Health & Fitness Policies & Etiquette

All members ages 7 to 17 who are interested in working out at the Mission Valley YMCAs must complete the designated orientation(s) prior to receiving Fitness Center access. Upon orientation completion members will be walked to the Welcome Desk to receive their Y ID Badge and be documented within the system. For future workouts, upon arrival and card scan, the members age 7-12 will receive a daily wristband for safety identification that must be worn visibly at all times while visiting the branches.
Teens must be 15 years old to use free weights.
Be courteous with your cell phone. Please, take your phone conversations to the hall or lobby. Taking pictures is prohibited.
Wipe off machines after use.
30-minute time limit for all cardio machines when others are waiting.
Appropriate exercise attire and footwear are required. Shoes cannot be open-toed or open-heeled.
Allow other members to “work in” or take turns with you between sets on strength training equipment.
Inappropriate conduct: horseplay, loud noises, profanity, dropping or banging weights are not permitted.
The use of non-YMCA personal trainers is prohibited.
Enter group exercise studios only after the previous class is finished.
Members may not use stereo equipment.
Group exercise studios are not available during non-class times.
All equipment should be returned to the proper storage area and weights
Reserving places in group exercise class is not permitted.
Enter group exercise studios only after the previous class is finished.
Classes are a group activity; we request that you follow the instructor’s routine except for modifications as needed.