Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.)


June 12 - August 14

A new resource for parents!
Tantrums. Dawdling. Shoulder shrugging. Lying. Fighting between brothers and sisters.

The Y is here to help!

P.E.T. — Parent Effectiveness Training — is a course in which parents learn and practice:

  • How to talk with your children to gain cooperation
  • Listening to your children to gain mutual understanding
  • Work with your children to solve problems — and keep them solved!

P.E.T. is for parents who have children who have tantrums when you need them to cooperate, dawdle when you need them to hurry, argue when you need them to help. P.E.T. is for parents who find themselves saying “How many times do I have to . . .?!” And P.E.T. is for parents who want their children to grow up to be confident, capable, thoughtful individuals with satisfying careers, good friends and loving families.

“P.E.T. has been a game changer for our family,” said Leane Marchese, associate executive director of Mission Valley YMCA. “I’m so glad to be able to offer this terrific course to families at the Y.”

Instructors Kelly Meier and Catherine Dickerson have found P.E.T. to be a game changer in their families as well, and they are passionate about sharing these skills.


Information: Carly Fridell, [email protected], (619) 298-3576

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