update your account

Please, help us to make sure we have your current information on file by updating your account information. We want to be able to communicate with you to keep you updated about your membership, as well as events and programming at your Y.

update your Membership profile

Do we have your current information on file? Updating your membership profile is easy, and it's important.

  • An accurate database keeps our costs down — critical to any nonprofit organization like the Y.
  • Adding/updating your mailing and email address will help us keep you informed about upcoming specials, changes to your membership and important news about the Y. NOTE: Your email address is never shared, and the Y database is secure.

Updating your profile

  • Click the UPDATE PROFILE link at the bottom of this page
  • Log in the the YMCA database, using the easy instructions on the page. The LOGIN button is on the left side of the page. (Your login/password are pre-set; you can change your password later if you like.)

  • Click on the MY INFORMATION button on the left side of the screen.

  • Make any changes you need to and click UPDATE.
  • Simple!