YMCA Healthy Kids® Day

Meet MELBA BISulca


"I don’t let it take hold of me,” Melba Bisulca says of the cancer she is fighting. “There’s just no way it’s going to take me down.” Strong words from a strong woman. The wife of a Marine pilot deployed in Afghanistan and mother of three, Melba relies on the Y as a place to focus on her health and gain support from the friends she has made.

“After I had surgery in 2012, I got back to exercise slowly and started with the ‘Gold’ Zumba and TBW classes. I have met so many amazing women. I look around, and they inspire me! Some are a lot older than I, and there’s nothing keeping them down. To walk into that room and see the bonds they have made — it just makes me want to come back for more. They all have stories. The people who come here make the Y even better for me.”

Melba manages to get to the Y six days a week. “I can’t help it; I really love to be here,” she says, almost guiltily. “The type of cancer I have, it’s not going to go away. But it is not going to beat me or control me.

It’s very easy to choose the Y. No one is here to judge or correct you. We motivate each other and have fun. It’s beyond a sense of community."— October 2015