marlowe berg

Water Exercise

Last summer, the view from the Acropolis was extra special for Marlowe Berg. While the hike to the top wasn’t all that strenuous, the journey leading up to it was painful and frustrating.

Marlowe injured her knee on a hike some 15 years ago. She underwent surgery (unsuccessful) and a knee replacement (lots of complications) and ended up sidelined from the activities she loved. To that, add a slip on a damp floor, which, she says, "initially didn’t seem like a big deal, but it ended up cutting off circulation to my hip. I had stabbing pain and difficulty walking."

Frustrated and in pain, Marlowe took action. She began working with a physical therapist and then found her way to the Y, where she embarked on a whole-body water training program with Kari-Lorraine Scott.

An avid traveler, Marlowe made a trip to New Zealand. "I had a couple of falls, and that’s when Kari-Lorraine decided to add a routine that involved muscle memory and balance." Kari-Lorraine's idea was that Marlowe's muscles might kick in and remember to prevent a future fall.

Feeling stronger and confident, Marlowe took a month-long cruise last summer with her good friend, Jan. "We signed up for all the shore excursions," she reports. "The bus would drop you at the edge of something, and you’d have to walk to the site. I had a walking stick, and I decided that, if I got tired, I would just take my time and sit for a minute."

At the Acropolis, she passed a woman who was sitting half-way up on the stairs, who said, "Oh, I’ve seen it before." Well, Marlowe had seen it before, too, but she wasn’t sitting. Getting her body strong and mobile paid off. What a view!

"There is a lot I wouldn’t have been able to do before," she says. "In New Zealand, I fell twice, and I was a bit nervous about falling this time. I was aware that when I get tired, I don’t lift my feet. It has been a long road with more work to be done, but the payoff is big."

She is seeing the world and revisiting her favorite places. And when she’s in town, she’s a regular at the Y and treats her friends to wonderful dinners and slideshows of her travels! — posted December 2013

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