YMCA Healthy Kids® Day

Meet Loretta jones

committed to good health

The first thing you notice about Loretta Jones is her smile, and once you hear the joyful laugh that goes with it, you’re hooked.

At 73, Loretta is the picture of good health. When you see her at the Y, it’s obvious she’s in her happy place. “I have always been attracted to the Y,” she says, recalling the years she and her young son spent at the Y in Pennsylvania. “I exercised every day, and he grew up swimming in the pool with his friends after school. It was important for me to know that he was happy and safe. The Y provided that for him.”

In 2006, her newly married son moved to San Diego, and Loretta took his advice and moved, too. “I joined the Y my second day here.” These days, she lifts weights and is a regular in group exercise classes. “I love the classes and the pool; sometimes I come twice a day!”

Regular exercise, she says, made her strong and flexible. It has also set her up to be an inspiration to neighbors in her senior housing complex. “I tell them to get out of the apartment and walk — do something — even if it’s just walking the hallway. If you don’t move, you’re going to lose it! I tell everyone to come to the Y. Even if you’re 80 or 90, just come and take it slow!” — October 2015