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Meet John Holman

The Y is his triathlon training center

John Holman has been a member of Mission Valley YMCA since October 1999. While he would most likely describe himself as "average," it only takes a few minutes to realize he's anything but.

On October 9, John will compete in his third Ironman triathlon at Kona. The Ford Ironman World Championship is considered the "Holy Grail" of this popular endurance sport. While impressive on its own, consider this: John Holman was barely treading water six years ago, and now, at 72 years young, he will compete side-by-side with people who are the age of his grand kids!

John played football, rugby and ran track in high school and college, but triathlons weren't on his radar until 10 years ago, when he turned 62. He recognized early that swimming would be his Achilles' heel in a sport that also features cycling and running — he's described his swimming ability as "staying afloat but not going anywhere fast."

Undaunted that, in his mid-60s, he was learning a sport where the average age of participants is 35 to 40, he began working with the Mission Valley YMCA aquatics department and coach Alan Voisard, a recognized, Olympic-level swim coach with years of experience.

Now, 10 years since he first started coming to the YMCA, he's participating his eighth triathlon and has no intentions of slowing down. John is further proof that it's never too late to accomplish goals, find
your passion, and live your life.

Best of Luck, John! You are already an inspiration to us all. — posted 10/05/10