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If you are new to our gymnastics program, you may have some questions!
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Kindergym faq

What is GymVentures?

  • GymVentures is a parent participation class designed to help children develop strength and motor skills. In this class children will explore an obstacle course designed to get them to run, jump, climb, balance and roll. Children will learn basic gymnastics positions, sing songs, play games, and will be introduced to Gymnastics equipment including the trampoline and foam pit.
    Gymventures is offered for two different age groups:
    • GymVentures 1- Walking to 24 months
    • GymVentures 2- 24 months to 36 months

What is Kindergym?

  • Kindergym is an entry level class for 3 and 4 year olds. This is a fully structured class to help your child learn the basics of gymnastics as well as foster social development. This class uses obstacle courses and equipment stations to help your child gain strength, coordination and self-esteem. Children must be able to separate from parents and follow directions from an instructor.
Preschool Gymnastics

What is Boy's Kindergym?

  • Boys Kindergym is very similar to Kindergym for boys ages 3 and 4, but uses variations to introduce basic skills and equipment used in Men’s Gymnastics.

What is Transitional Kindergym? What does “approval required” mean?

  • Transitional Kindergym is a specialty class offered for 2 ½ year olds who have taken Gymventures 2, are ready for more of a challenge, but are too young for Kindergym. The class is also extended to 3 year olds who have tried Kindergym but are not ready to separate from Mom and Dad. The class is run with the same format as a Kindergym class, but parent participation is allowed. Parents are expected to stay close enough in the class so their child feels safe and comfortable enough to participate. Parents are expected to redirect their child when they lose focus, and encourage them to watch/listen to his/her coach. As the child becomes more independent, parents are encouraged to watch from the sidelines. Once the child is able to complete the class without help from a parent, they are ready for Kindergym. An approval is required prior to registering for this class, which must come from the Kindergym Coordinator. If your child is 3 years old they must first be enrolled in Kindergym.

What is Kindergym Advanced? What are the Requirements for this class?

  • Kindergym Advanced is a specialty class for children who are ready for more of a challenge than Kindergym, but are too young to move into the Progressive Program. Skills taught in this class are based on our Progressive Novice level. An evaluation is required from the Kindergym Coordinator prior to registering for this class. Evaluations for Kindergym Advanced are held the third week of every session, and take place in the child’s normal Kindergym class.
    • Requirements for this class include overall coordination, good behavior in class, basic Floor, Beam, Bars and Vault skills. Please see your child’sKindergym coach for a more detailed skill requirement list. Child must be enrolled in Kindergym to be evaluated for Kindergym Advanced.

Are parents allowed to use the fitness facility during their child’s Kindergym class?

  • No. Parents are required to be present in the Kindergym viewing area at all times during their child’s Kindergym, Transitional Kindergym, and Kindergym Advanced class. Coaches are not able to escort children to the bathroom if they need to go, so we ask that parent’s stay in the viewing area for that reason, as well as to ensure that their child is following directions from his/her coach.

When is Preschool Open Gym?

  • Preschool open gym is every Thursday from 12:00pm-12:45pm and every Friday from 8:30am-9:15pm. It is $5/child for members, and $7/child for non-members. No more than 2 children per adult.

What ages are allowed at Preschool Open Gym?

  • Walking through 4 years old, no exceptions.

Can I get text alerts?

  • You can register for text alerts by texting MVGYMNASTICS to 84483. Alerts include registration reminders, facility closures and updates.

Department Contacts


Rebecca Floyd - Progressive Coordinator
[email protected]
858-496-9622 ext. 12113

Mary Pino - Kindergym/GymVentures Coordinator
[email protected]
858-496-9622 ext. 12113