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fitness centerYou can find top-of-the line equipment at both Mission Valley YMCA and Toby Wells YMCA facilities. What's more, we have the qualified, caring staff to go with it. Whether you're new to exercise or training for your next competition, you'll find a clean, inviting space with plentiful options to keep your body moving and getting stronger.

We invite to you explore:

  • Internet-connected cardio equipment with TVs and personalized workout options
  • Circuit training options and free weights
  • Personal TVs on cardio equipment
  • Treadmills, ellipticals AMTs, stair climber
  • Queenax functional training unit
  • HD Elite power racks from Life Fitness
  • Cybex SPARC and EAGLE NX lines at Mission Valley (Friars Road)
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Queenax Functional Training

Mission Valley Y
The Queenax functional training unit from Precor is like a giant jungle-gym for adults! Our setup will allow functional training — performing real-life activities in real-life positions. You can do exercises that mimic the same motions you would execute when climbing stairs or bending over in the garden. This unit will offer options for all fitness levels.


Mission Valley Y
No other YMCA has one of these. The Cybex SPARC (Strength Power Accelerated Resistance Cardio) trainer. The SPARC is an all-around, high-intensity training machine that is ideal for all levels of fitness.

Here's how it works:
  • Using a fan as its primary resistance, the SPARC has two modes of operation:
    Circuit Mode – Single, quick high power movement lasting typically less than one minute
    Interval Mode – Longer duration workout that has user-defined high intensity and rests
  • You can manually control the incline set at three positions
  • The machine is designed to reduce strain on knees

More Equipment

Functional Training space:
TRX suspension training equipment, Plyo boxes, new medicine balls and power ropes.

Other pieces we think you'll like:


Lots of cardio options to get your heart pumping, including two step mills, a climb mill, adaptive motion trainers, upright and recumbant bikes, ellipticals and treadmills.

Adaptive Motion Trainer
This is better than running or climbing. It's like doing them in mid-air. You'll get a low-impact workout with an infinite range of stride paths. Equipped with the P80 console — extremely cool. See below for video.

Elliptical Trainer
Combines Precor's CrossRamp technology and upper body moving handlebars for a total-body workout. Target different muscle groups to get a great workout. Equipped with the P80 console — extremely cool. See below for video.

This one has a 3-degree decline option and maximum speed of 16 mph. Integrated Footplant Technology and Ground Effects Impact Control deliver a smooth and natural feel when running or walking. Equipped with the P80 console — extremely cool. See below for video.

Matrix ClimbMill
The Matrix ClimbMill features a touch-screen console, iPod compatibility, a personal fan and a variety of workouts It has a 10-inch step depth to accommodate a wide range of users and grips with
integrated pause/stop and resistance controls to enhance comfort and make it easier to make workout changes on the fly.

StairMaster StepMill
The StairMaster StepMill 5 features the new Landmark Challenge Program that lets you climb well- known landmarks from around the world like the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and the Taj Mahal. It has a touch-screen console, iPod compatibility, and a 9-inch step depth.