Mission valley ymca

5505 Friars Road

It has been more than 30 years since the Mission Valley YMCA opened the doors of its main facility on Friars Road.

From humble beginnings, we are now one of San Diego's leading providers of fitness, health, and recreational programs. We've done that using the Y's mission as a foundation to build body, mind and spirit.

Facility updates

Go to the Facility Updates section for the latest news on facility closures, polices and events that affect programming.


Facility map

Your membership entitles you to use all of our facilities Mission Valley YMCA (Friars Road), Toby Wells YMCA, Copley-Price Family YMCA and the Krause Family Skate & Bike Park.

Membership & Program Assistance

Membership assistance is available for youth, adult and family memberships, as well as for Y programs. Funds are made available via the Community Outreach Campaign.

Applications for financial scholarships are available online, and each request is reviewed individually and thoughtfully. Not everyone is eligible.

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