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Meet Elicia Hill

The Y offers peace of mind to this mom

Elicia Hill’s first association with the YMCA in San Diego came when she was a young girl playing sports. So it’s no surprise that she turned to the YMCA again when her daughter, Mikaila, was entering kindergarten and needed childcare. Since kindergarten, Elicia has enrolled Mikaila (now in 4th grade) in the Character Builders program – formerly known as YMCA Childcare – through Mission Valley YMCA.

As a mom who is working full-time and completing her undergraduate degree at UCSD, Elicia knew that things like before- and after-school care and transportation would play a big role in choosing a kindergarten and, eventually, an elementary school. Unfortunately, money is tight, and childcare is often expensive.

For instances just like these, Mission Valley YMCA offers Scholarships for qualified families. Elicia and her daughter have been receiving a scholarship for the last four years and in mom’s words, it’s been invaluable. "Mikaila would have to leave the magnet program she’s in at Longfellow if it weren’t for the YMCA’s childcare program,” said Elicia.

While the scholarship first got Elicia and Mikaila involved with Mission Valley YMCA’s Character Builder’s program, that’s not what keeps them here. Said Elicia: "I get stability and security knowing that Mikaila is safe with staff I know, and is learning while having fun. It’s not a problem if I need to stay late for a class and meet with a professor because I know she’s well taken care of."

Her comfort and faith in the program is another reason that Elicia gives back, volunteering her time during Parent’s Night Out, donating money whenever possible, and being a chaperone during events at the school site. — posted 10/24/10