YMCA Healthy Kids® Day

Meet the Borgeses

child watch gets four stars from this Military family

Daisy Borges describes a visit to the Y as "Me Time." Because two happy kids in Child Watch means this busy mom gets a chance to exercise. "My husband is deployed right now, and I spend a lot of time driving to therapies and from school to school," Daisy explains. “It’s hard to get the time, and I don’t have help at home right now."

To Daisy’s relief, Andy, 6, and Lily, 4, are delighted to play in Child Watch. "I have developed good relationships with the staff," she says, adding that she feels more comfortable describing them as friends. "Both of my children have special needs and, as a mom, it makes me feel good to know I’m not leaving my children with strangers or with people who don’t get it. They really try to solve issues and work with them."

Daisy consulted with the staff to help develop a protocol for different types of situations with the kids. "Lily likes puzzles. She likes books. They are able to redirect her very easily now. They share her progress with me, too. They really celebrate her, and she feels so comfortable now that she hardly ever has issues anymore."

When the Borgeses joined the Y, Daisy was thrilled to find out she already knew a lot of members. And, thanks to her enthusiasm, several other friends have joined, too. One, she remembers, was apprehensive about leaving her young son in Child Watch. "He might cry a little at first, but he’ll be fine,” Daisy assured her. "Now, the kid never wants to leave, and they are so glad they listened to me!"

An ideal week for Daisy includes weightlifting workouts with her husband, Erick. But when he’s deployed, she goes for BODYPUMP, Zumba or Cardio Kickboxing."Joanne’s my favorite, so whatever she’s teaching, I’m there!" Working out, she concludes, is her therapy. "When I turned 30, I decided my health wasn’t going to get any better unless I did something about it. I am hypoglycemic, so I need to stay on top of it. I feel better about myself and just better in general. The scale doesn’t move too much for me because I am losing fat and gaining muscle, but I see changes in pictures. I feel more energetic and confident. I feel and see a difference, and I’ll say, ‘Hey, I’m strong. Let me do this by myself.'" — posted May 2016