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Annual Campaign 2017

Thanks to all who contributed to the success of our Mission Valley/Toby Wells YMCA annual fundraising campaign! To those who volunteered to secure pledges and to those who contributed, we are proud to announce: Victory! We have raised $760,000 to date — all of which will go directly to those in the community who rely on the Y for help.

Using the great art of Spoken Word, check out this amazing way to showcase the YMCA of San Diego County. Featured in this piece: Mission Valley YMCA, Toby Wells YMCA and the Copley-Price Family YMCA.

The Community’s Need:

It’s a fact that strong, stable, secure families form a solid foundation for the growth and success of all family members, particularly children in low-income areas. We are committed to reaching out to kids and families regardless of income, to provide support by engaging in the Y.

Our Commitment:

We have a vision to significantly increase the time families spend together, and specifically, to engage 1 in 8 households in programs that will help family members of all ages and backgrounds learn, grow and thrive. Last year, the YMCA of San Diego County raised $6,174,320 to provide scholarships and subsidies to fulfill our mission to serve all people regardless of their ability to pay. The need is urgent and growing…and it can’t be met without you!

Campaign Gift

The Impact of Your Investment:

Our Association-led annual campaign focuses on supporting our highest-need communities throughout San Diego County. When you invest in the Y, your dollars will directly benefit kids and families in underserved communities.


Chart of Where Our Dollars Go

Mission Valley YMCA By the Numbers:

  • We provided $700,000 in Scholarships and subsidy to those in need.
  • We operate more than 25 child and youth development sites, caring for 3,500 children every day. The Y is one of the largest child care providers in San Diego County.
  • 8,000 individuals received Scholarships so they could belong to the Y and rely on our programs and facilities for their health
  • This year, more than 250 volunteers will help us to raise funds.
  • More than 1,600 donors have made an impact

Why Your Gift Matters


We’re helping San Diegans, just as thousands of volunteers are impacting communities across the country.


“I never thought that I would be eligible to receive Scholarships through the YMCA,” said Holly, YMCA Family Member and mother to a bright and thriving young girl named Mary. “Mary hasn’t had the easiest life,” and the Y “not only helped me as the parent but my daughter Mary as well.”

Holly believes that Mary has grown into the person she is today because of the Y. While camps and after-school programming gave Holly the child care she needed so that she could work, Mary was gaining in confidence as she was learning to communicate, share with others and make friends.

The Y “is preparing my daughter to become a strong, mature, healthy girl who knows the importance of her community and giving back to others. I could never repay the YMCA for the impact that they have had on my family and I could never thank the YMCA enough for being a part of my family.”

Because Mary loves the YMCA so much, she joined the Annual Campaign last year to help raise funds so that others may have the same opportunities that she was given.

Heritage Club

The Heritage Club is comprised of individuals and families who support the mission of the YMCA of San Diego County – Mission Valley Branch through gifts to the Endowment Fund or by including the YMCA in their estate planning. It is the commitment rather than the amount that is the basic factor in qualifying as a Heritage Club member. Learn more.

Our mission

Mission Valley YMCA is dedicated to improving the quality of human life and to helping all people realize their fullest potential as children of God through the development of the spirit, mind,
and body.


Let's Take Care of Our Community Together!