Chris Spangle

Team Challenge

It didn't take a rocket scientist to see that I was living a very unhealthy lifestyle.

I was eating poorly, sitting all day at work, and spending my evenings lying on the couch in front of the television. Once in awhile I would make the effort to get myself into the Toby Wells YMCA, where I would lift some weights and walk on the treadmill. I knew that, even though this was a good start, I was going to need additional help to stay consistent and completely change my lifestyle.

Team Challenge proved to be just what I needed. I am currently finishing up with my third team and have lost 50 pounds since I joined my first team. Participating with three different teams has afforded me the opportunity to meet some wonderful people and learn from different personal trainers — each with their own style of motivating and working the team toward the end goal.

Motivation was exactly what I needed, and motivation was what I received. Each week we would weigh in, and I not only wanted to lose the weight, but I wanted to lose the most weight to help push our team ahead. The encouragement from my trainer and teammates is one of the key components in why Team Challenge was so successful for me.

When I first started, I was worried that I was going to drag my team down because I wasn’t very fit. I have noticed since that first session that there have been people with varying levels of physical ability on each of my teams. In my case, not only was I overweight, but I had some issues with my right foot arch. My trainer was able to modify my exercise to suit my needs, and I still received an incredible workout. Now that I am working at a higher level and no longer injured, my trainer has increased the intensity of my workout, pushing me to my limit. I have also noticed this personalization with other team members. It makes Team Challenge truly beneficial for everyone no matter what your circumstance.

In addition to losing weight and changing my physique, I have learned new exercises, so when I walk into the gym I don’t feel completely lost. Learning and doing these exercises with my team has given me the confidence to walk into any of the many fitness classes offered at the YMCA (Sports Drills, Boot Camp, and TRX, to name a few).

I have also learned how to eat well from the team challenge nutritionist at our weekly meetings. It’s no lie when they say that, in order to successfully lose weight, your calorie output has to be higher than your calorie input. This is a key component to successful weight loss and Team Challenge gave me the tools and knowledge to succeed.

And finally, Team Challenge is a great deal. For the price of admission you get the opportunity to improve your physique, increase your fitness level, educate yourself, meet wonderful people and build your overall confidence. You can’t go wrong with that! — posted June 7, 2012

Photos: Top, Chris Spangle with trainer Stan in May 2012; Chris with trainer Chad in December 2011

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