YMCA Child development Center
at Central Elementary

6 weeks to 5 years

The infant/toddler care and preschool at Central Elementary focuses on developing the whole child by providing scheduling and activities that are age and developmentally appropriate. They develop social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills as well as promote active learning. Curriculum is developed for the unique needs of each child and to ensure preparation for kindergarten entrance. Snack, clean up, nap, large group, small group and outdoor experiences are included in the daily routine.

This program is open to the community and follows a year round track schedule. Little Characters is open from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Our Philosophy

We believe children are strong, capable learners who learn best through social and environmental interactions. Our preschool staff provides opportunities for children that stimulate each child’s physical, social, intellectual, and emotional development in our natural, home-like environment. Children are allowed to learn through play, both individually and in small and large groups. The YMCA understands that each child is unique and has his or her own rate of development.

Our Curriculum

Our approach to learning is based on the Creative Curriculum, which focuses on responding to children's learning styles and building on their strengths and interests. Learning is a natural process occurring through self-directed experience, but optimized by a supportive environment as well as positive interaction with adults.

The teachers facilitate these interests by mindfully setting up learning centers in their environment with materials and experiences where children can investigate and make discoveries, while expressing them through art, dramatic play, and social interactions. Our teachers use observation and documentation of the children to research interests, make learning visible for parents, and assess the development of our children.