We're introducing new music and choreography to all BODYPUMP classes September 30-October 2. It's a great time to give this total-body workout a try, because we'll have extra instruction to help you get started!

Transform Your Body

BODYPUMP classes from Les Mills can sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body. BODYPUMP uses light to moderate weights with high repetition to provide a full-body workout that burns calories, increases core strength and improves bone health.

Try a Class

BODYPUMP classes are free to members and offered at a variety of times every week. All you need is comfortable workout clothes, supportive shoes, a water bottle and a sweat towel. During the class you’ll use a weight bar, weight plates and a step. Our classes are equipped with SMARTBARS from Les Mills, which are easy to grip and allow for quick changes with the weight plates.

What's a "Launch?"

Every few months we introduce new music and choreography. If you haven't tried a class before, it's a great time to start. We will hold special class sessions with extra instructors to help you get started using safe, effective moves. Classes stay the same until the next launch, so you can really get the moves down and notice your improvement! The last launch was October 2015.

See our Cardio & Strength Schedules for our current offering of BODYPUMP classes.
Schedules are subject to change.